Monday, 29 October 2012

Here's Polly and Maggie on Saturday.  Dad had the heating on, but Polly does like to be covered up:)

Not easy getting photos of Maggie as she turns away just as the camera clicks.  I call her a real little Diva:)

See what I mean:)

Polly at home snug under her super soft blanket.

Hope everyone is having a good start to the week.  To those in the US I hope you are all safe from the hurricane.


  1. We've had the heat on here too. The boys are going to have to start wearing their night jackets.

  2. I am going to cover my guys too. It is cold, very windy, and raining buckets here.

  3. We broke out the doggy blankets on Saturday.

  4. We'll get some rain here from Sandy, but nothing like what they'll get on the East coast. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

    I love being covered up, too!


  5. Hiking Hounds, Polly has her night jumper on, as I don't have heating on at night yet.

    gyeong, Hope your guys liked being covered up.

    What Remains Now, Bet the dogs loved having the blankets.

    houndstooth, Hope your weather doesn't get worse. Just seen the news and Manhattan sure is suffering. Really hope people and animals can stay safe and warm.

  6. Aunty Polly sure does like her blankets! Deccy x

  7. Love seeing Polly looking all cosy and Maggie is just adorable.

    sue x

  8. Nephew, She's a girl that likes her comforts.

    Sue, I keep telling dad that everyone thinks Maggie is adorable:)

    Polly has cosy down to a fine art:)

  9. Have a snug and warm Howl-o-ween

    Love and licks, Winnie

  10. Winnie, I'm staying under my blanket tonight, so no ghots can frighten me. Polly


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