Friday, 26 October 2012

I have added some photos to my PurplePoppy Crafting page.

Here's Polly in her PJs.  She doesn't wear bottoms;)

Can she be comfortable?



  1. She looks super cool in her blue top! Deccy x

  2. I love your Christmas cactus! How special. It looks like it has a lot of buds. Your cards are lovely. Unfortunately for me, all those beautiful flowers are making me sad for summer gone by. I'll have to be like Polly and break out the snuggy pajamas and get ready for winter.

  3. Nephew, She says she'd prefer a red one, as people think she#s a boy. I told her not when she's roaching they don't;)

    What Remains Now, Thanks. I just hope the buds open and don't drop off, as I have had that happen.

    Thank you.

    I hope we get a short winter and a lovely warm spring and a very long summer next year.

  4. I am pleased to see from your recent posts that Miss Polly is doing the tradition of sleeping greyhounds proud.

    She is indeed an expert at the art of relaxation.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  5. Winnie, Polly sure have relaxing and sleeping down to a fine art:)

  6. She looks very cosy Sue and your cards are gorgeous, love the colour combinations.

    Love and hugs Sue and the Taylor pack

  7. Sue, She does:)

    Thanks you.

    You keep warm.

  8. Love that little upside down smile!

  9. Those Brindle Kids, She sure does like to smile:)


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