Sunday, 14 October 2012

Well yesterday it was sunny if rather cold.  Here's Maggie sitting by the window catching the sun.

Polly seems to prefer her bed at my dad's.

Hope you are having a fab weekend and are looking forward to the new week.
Remembert to give your hounds a hug.


  1. Maggie is so cute. It looks like she is accustom to her modeling role on your blog. I'm just noticing Song's lovely collar.

  2. What Remains Now, It's hard to get photos of Maggie as she moves just as the camera clicks:)

    Yes, Polly has Song's collar on.

  3. Polly has less padding than Maggie, so a cushy bed is in order.

  4. gyeong, No, she likes likes a messy bed:)

  5. Now there's another greyhound trait; a nose that is too heavy to support! Deccy x

  6. Nephew, Are you implying Polly has a big nose? ;)

    Those Brindle Kids, Glad to hear it:)


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