Saturday, 28 September 2013

Thought you might get a laugh from this video of Polly.  I took it at dad's this afternoon.  She's done this before, but I've not had my camcorder with me.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Well our weather is really playing about.  We've had very cold days and then Monday was a glorious sunny day, with temps right back into the 20s.  Yesterday was dull apart from a few hours late afternoon, but temps weren't bad.  Today it's a tad cooler and we have mist.  Hopefully it will brighten up.  Forecast says getting colder.

I don't have any recent photos of Polly or Albe, so I thought you'd smile at these.

This little elephant really made me smile.

This caterpillar was outside dad's back door on Monday.  It was about 4".  I got it onto a piece of card and dropped it in the bushes.  Didn't want the dogs tasting it.

I have added a few photos to PurplePoppy Crafting.  Always happy to have comments.

Well I hope you are all doing well.  Remember to hug your hound/s.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hope you are all having a good week.  Weather has been very cold recently, but it's set to rise for the weekend.

I took these photos the other day at dad's.  Here's Albe in dad's reclining chair.

Albe was looking right at me, right up to when the camera went off:)

Polly after some zoomies in the garden:)

I have added some photos of LOs for Polly's scrap album, on my PurplePoppy Crafting page.

You all go and hug your hound/s.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

1st Gotcha Day

Well I can't believe it, but it's Polly's first Gotcha Day.  To think a year ago I went to the kennels to collect her and our life together began.  She's already enriched my life so much.

Don't forget to give your hound/s a big hug.

I have put a few photos of the LOs of Polly's scrap album up on my PurplePoppy Crafting page.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Have you ever heard of “Joy Leaflet?” Probably not. But Joy Leaflet is the only greyhound ever to win a race; while being quite deceased. Poor thing literally ran its heart out on the track, which is a sad thing. In 1930, this dog won a London dog race, despite being dead. Apparently it dropped dead just before the finish line that fateful September day; and had been going so fast that the momentum carried him over the finish line, beating his opponent. The judges had no choice but to declare him the winner.

These dogs love to run, but let it be on their terms.  They are not machines.

Your hound/s are the lucky ones.  Give your hound/s an extra big hug today.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

As several of my followers asked what a Military Check is, I thought I'd put a photo of the one I have.

You can get these with a nylon strap, but this one is webbing.  It had a label on it calling it a Military Check.

I have added a few photos to my PurplePoppy Crafting page.

Hope your weekend is going well.

Go and hug your hounds/s.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

What a scorcher we've had today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy with rain in the afternoon and the humidity set to reach 96%.

I've had a nice day with my dad.  We took the dogs along the cliffs before it got too hot.  BUT our leisurely stroll turned in to me walking (hey, I don't run:)) as fast as I could after a certain non-Greyhound who slipped his collar.  Little bu**er ran off  at top speed and believe me he can shift (well Polly says he's slow compared to her).   I throw Polly's lead to dad and grabbed Albe's lead which dad is still looking at with disbelief that Albe isn't on the other end.  Thank goodness there was a chap walking away from me that Albe took a liking too.  I kept calling Albe and he did actually turn round and run back, but wouldn't let us catch him.  Off he went again after this bloke.  Luckily the bloke stood still and allowed me to grab Albe.  He said, 'he's a bit of a devil'.  I said 'we've not had him long and he slipped his collar'.  I thanked him for waiting for me to catch up.  I cannot type what I told Albe as we walked back to dad, who was sitting on a bench still holding Polly.

I am going to order Albe a harness and to start with he will also wear a Military Check.  He is a terrible puller and dad struggles to hold him.  I used a Military Check on my JR who was terrible at pulling and it was the only thing that worked.

After that run around this is what Albe did all afternoon.

Of course Polly got lots of praise for being so good.  I told dad he should have gotten a Greyhound:)

This was her this afternoon.

Well I hope you all are enjoying your week and looking forward to the weekend.

Remember to hug your hound/s.