Sunday, 27 October 2013

Well we are battening down the hatches here as a storm is coming over the country this evening/tonight.  Warning of possible structural damage, trees down and general debris flying around.  also heavy rain it to accompany the wind.

As usual Polly is happy so long as she has her bed, stuffies and a blanket over her:)

Hope you've all had a fab weekend and the week ahead is a good one.  Don't forget to hug your hound/s.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

MeggieMoo Collar

Well a fairly wet week here so far.  Temps have gone up a little, so feels mild.

We change our clocks this weekend, so the mornings will be darker, as will the evenings.

Polly got a new collar this week.  I heard about MeggieMoo from our nephew Declan.  When we met up with him recently we loved his collar.  Looking at the web site I had about 6 I really liked but whittled them down to this one.

I couldn't get the light right, so took this photo from the web site.

Polly has three leads that will go with this collar.  A blue one and a red one.  Here I've used the lilac one.

I have actually just ordered a Christmas collar from MeggieMoo, so watch this space:)

Hope you are all having a good week.  Remember to hug your hound/s.

Friday, 18 October 2013

I had to double check that I'd not used these three photos before, as so often this is how I find Polly:)

In the first photo you can see her baldy butt:)  She had it both sides, but the other side is growing back.

Her slave took pity on her and put her little fleece blanket over her.

Polly has a beautiful new collar from MeggieMoo.  Will take some photos over the weekend.  

We hope you've had a good week and are looking forward to your weekend.

Remember to hug your hound/s.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Well our weather has turned very stormy.  Very strong winds, heavy rain and colder.

Luckily it was only spitting when I walked Polly this this morning.  Just as we got in the heavens opened.

Yesterday Polly had some mega zoomies round dad's garden.  Didn't have my camcorder, but doubt I could have kept up with her.  She'd have been a black blur:)

Here are some recent photos of Polly doing what she does best:)

 I have added some recent cards, Toppers and an altered vase to my PurplePoppy Crafting page.

Well I hope you all have a lovely day, whatever the weather.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Look who Polly and I met up with this morning.

The very handsome Declan and his mums, who are on holiday near where I live.  I know Declan looks handsome in his photos, but in real life he is one stunning lad.  It was so nice for Polly to meet another Greyhound, as we don't see many in the village.  We did come across another beautiful Greyhound on the cliffs that had only recently been adopted and then on the drive back to dad's, I saw a lovely black and white Greyhound.  Think they are like buses, none for a while and then they all arrive:)

The day has got nicer as it's gone on.  Going to be a lovely evening.

Well I hope you have all had a fab day.

Go hug your hound/s.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Well not much happening here.  As you can see Polly is catching up on her beauty sleep:)  It sure is a dogs life:) LOL

I have added a photo to my PurplePoppy Crafting page.

I hope your week is going well and you are looking forward to the weekend.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.