Friday, 24 January 2014

Hope you all have had a good week.

Another visit to the vet has confirmed that Polly has Arthritis in her front shoulders/elbows.  The left isn't causing her much trouble, but the right was making her limp.  She's now on double the dose of Rimidyl.  I am also using my sonic device (I use it for my pains) on her shoulders and guess what....she's not limping:)  Hoping that when the Rimidyl ends she doesn't start limping again. 

She's missing her zoomies (vet said not to let her off lead outside), so she's been trying to do them in my small flat:)  She's wound up like a spring.

Anyway, Polly has accepted the restrictions and just has more naps:)

She's still happy and loves to roach.

I have some homeopathic treatments coming in the post.  I used the same Homeopath for the corn remedy last year and that worked a treat.  If you have any problems with your dog, or yourself for that matter, check out Lori Rose web site

Should you purchase from Lori, please give her the code ST007, as then my friend get's some commission which she passes onto a Greyhound charity.

Well I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Don't forget to hug your dog/s.


  1. Oh the poor poppet! I hope the sonic thingy is working wonders and she'll be zooming again soon x

  2. Glad to hear it is just arthritis. Bet she appreciates her mum's sonic treatments, instead of having to go to the vet.

  3. Laura, Thanks. She'll be kept from doing zoomies until she has been free of limping for some time. Also dad's garden is so wet at the moment, it's not safe, as she could so easily slip.

    gyeong, She certainly doesn't like the vets now. She gave me the stink eye for a couple of hours after the last visit:)

  4. That's a shame Sue, best if she is kept warm, given her meds and what ever else you can think to help her. Don't blame you for trying all you can, we would too. Never mind Polly, Spring is nearly here and then hopefully it will warm up for you.
    :-) x x x

  5. I'm glad it's just arthritis and not something more serious! I kind of hold my breath now when I read about a dog with a limp. I always feel like I could somehow jinx it. I'm trying to be more careful about when I let Bunny run now because she doesn't hold back at all. She runs circles around Flattery, who's just past being a puppy. The funny thing is that she doesn't seem to feel the need to do it all the time, but when she has the opportunity, she doesn't waste it!

  6. Hi Sue..poor baby..Doc has arthritis and now zoomies are a no go for him to...instead it's walks and swims in the dam..which is low weight bearing and still wears him out..well almost..Fox terriers have no wear out button :) great to meet you and sweet Polly and wise indeed if the grass is slippery to stop the zoomies ..Doc ended up needing a Knee Reco from a slip slide...they do worry us! have a great weekend Fozziemum :)

  7. Soggiebottom, She's limping a bit today, but it is colder and damp, so that might be why.

    houndstooth, Must admit that when she started limping I wondered the same.

    That's the trouble they love to run. Be safe Bunny when you do your zoomies.

    Bev, I use to have a JR, so know what terriers are like:)

  8. I wish the best for your little muppet. It's hard to watch them try so hard to run even when it hurts. The warm sun of spring and summer will help and yes, the ultrasonic treatments will help and even a muscle vibrator with a large contact pad will help also.

  9. Polly, I am glad to hear that the sonic treatments and Remidyl have helped. so glad that naps are still on the schedule, and I think you could tell Sue that you need a heating pad in your bed to help with the arthritis and the napping!

  10. Gary, Thank you. She's definitely improving.

    Hazel, Heating is on in here, so Polly is warm enough. I do have a SnuggleSafe heated up for her when we go to bed. She lays near it and also cuddles up0 to me.

  11. I'm playing "catch-up." So glad to hear that Polly's limp wasn't anything more serious. Also glad she is responding well to the treatment you're providing. No zoomies...that's a bummer, but has to be.

  12. What Remains Now, Thank you. Once the grass isn't slippy from rain or ice, I will let her have some zoomies.


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