Friday, 10 January 2014

Hope you are all having a fab Friday and looking forward to the weekend.

I had to take Polly to the vets yesterday.  She's had a limp which comes and goes.  Anyway, whilst the vet said she could see she is limping, she couldn't find anything wrong.  She suspects either an old racing injury flaring up in the cold and damp or the start of Arthritis.  Polly is now on Rimidyl (anti-inflammatory painkiller) and some high strength Glucosamine tabs.  If she doesn't improve in two weeks, we'll probably have to do x-rays.

I have put some recent crafting on my PurplePolly Crafting page.  

Well you all take care and don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Lets hope it is a flare up up of an old injury, I always out my greys and older dogs on Glucosamine tablets. loads of big kisses to Polly xxxx

  2. Polly: hope you're feeling better in no time! By the way, I love the nose-warming-under-the-duck method!

  3. I hope Polly is feeling better soon!

  4. Sue, Polly sends kisses back:)

    Kat, She often hides her nose under a toy:)

    houndstooth, Thanks.

  5. Hope the Rimadyl helps. We're gonna put Stanley on it too, as he's developed a slight limp in his old age.

  6. Polly looks so sneaky and adorable with her face hidden!

  7. gyeong, How old is Stanley? Polly's almost 7. Hope it helps Stanley.

    Hazel, I often can't see her at all, as she loves a thin blanket right over her:)


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