Saturday, 8 February 2014

Stormy Sunday

By heck we are in for some very stormy weather.  The winds are already gusting.  Think there will be a few things flying around the village.

Here's Polly taking no notice of the winds outside.

Hope you all have a fab weekend and any bad weather misses you and you all remain safe.

Remember to hug your hound/s.


  1. Urgh, it's really windy here too. One wheely bin blown over last night and next doors fence may not be there much longer... it could be worse though - at least we are dry. It's horrid seeing all those who've been flooded.
    As always, I love the photos of Polly :)
    Hope you are both well x

  2. We can see the Polly has relaxed so much, she really can't get out of bed, best to sit tight and keep warm.
    :-) x x x

  3. Bad weather seems to be the norm this winter. Hope everyone stays safe. Polly sure knows how to handle it.

  4. Laura, There were wheelie bins blown over last night and a few slates off roofs as well, but nothing major.

    You have a nice day, whatever the weather.

    Soggiebottom, Thing is that's a good excuse with this weather, but Polly is like it in the summer, spring and autumn:) LOL

    gyeong, Hope you are keeping ok.

  5. Polly sure has got the "keep calm" part down pat :D Hope your weather doesn't get too awful!

  6. Kat, Thanks hun. Yep Polly has the best idea:)

  7. Glad you came through the storm in good shape. Polly looks very comfy!

  8. Hazel, Thanks. Yes Polly knows how to get comfy:)

  9. Think the dogs got the right idea . When will all this end , my heart goes out to all that are affected by wind & rain. Happy woyww Jill #35

  10. Hello, Sue. Yes, the wind's getting up here, too. Has thrown it down with rain all night - again - and after a brief dry spell.... yep....again!!!
    Have a great week keeping warm with your greyhounds.
    Margaret #74

  11. Jill, Thanks for popping in. Happy WOYWW.

    Margaret, We've had the power blipping off this afternoon, but ok now.

    You have a good week.


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