Wednesday, 5 February 2014

WOYWW 5th February

Here is my WOYWW (What's On Your Workbench Wednesday).  If you want to know more about this weekly event, take a look at Julia's blog

This is a Calendar Card I made for a swap.

These are the bits ready to put together.

 The back.

The front.

How it looks once assembled.

Thanks for popping by.
Hope you all have a good WOYWW.


  1. Cute calendar and how clever that it is a card.
    Sandra @59

  2. Love it ! looks so pretty and yet again what a clean WOYWW ..mine looks like a stationary truck crashed on it ;) hugs Foziemum x

  3. Ooh, washi tape!
    Lovely calendar Sue
    Happy Wednesday

  4. That's cute & i'm sure the person getting this will love it . Happy crafting Jill #35

  5. So sweet! I love little calendars like this. Always handy to have around.

  6. What a simple yet beautiful calendar, thanks for sharing, I hope you have a wonderful crafting week.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 12
    Happy WOYWW

  7. Such a happy and fun calendar...Nice work Carole #76

  8. Love your calendar card what a great idea.
    Hugs Lisax #54

  9. Sandra, Thank you.

    Bev, Thanks. I am rather a tidy freak:)

    Laura, I am a Washi Tape addict, thanks to you:) Do you remember you sent me some:)

    Jill, Thank you. I hope the person getting it does like it.

    What Remains Now, Thanks. I did this swap last year and the one I got was lovely (in purple, my favourite colour).

    Eliza, Thanks. Hope you have good crafting as well.

    Carole, Thank you.

  10. Lisa, Thanks and thanks for stopping by.

  11. Oh that's clever! Very happy to see an addict who actually uses a bit of washi!!

  12. I can tell that you are very artistic! Very nice calendar card!

  13. I wish I could work as tidily as that! #46

  14. Oh, that's so cute! You know, you could make some really cute Greyhound calendars like that and I bet people would be all over them!

  15. Julia, I do find it hard to use my Washi Tape as I love it so much:)

    Hazel, Thank you.

    Lisa-Jane, I am usually very tidy, but as I just have a corner of my living room, I try to keep is tidy in case I have visitors. If I had a separate craft room it might be a little messy:)

    houndstooth, Thanks. Actually I had thought of making Greyhound calendar last year and selling them on Ebay, but never got round to making them in time. maybe this year:)

  16. Love it Sue beautiful work xxx


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