Monday, 24 March 2014

You need to pause the blog music (top left), if you want to hear the sound on the videos.

Today was sunny, but by heck the temps were down and the wind made it even colder.  As you can see Polly found a sheltered sunny spot in dad's garden.

Albe wanted to be in his own little film, but he got stage fright:)

Hope you've had a nice start to the week.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. I know exactly what you're experiencing. It's been nice and sunny here, but very cold.

  2. How adorable :) what a lovely day to be out with the pups :) even if stage fright strikes us!! hugs Fozziemum xxxx

  3. Polly, are you a trancer? You and Albe both look super cute in your videos! Is Albe working on being a GQ model?


  4. What Remains Now, It is nice to have it dry and sunny, but if the temps would go up that would be perfect:)

    Bev, Albe usually walks off, but yesterday he just decided to look away:)

    Bunny, I think she is, as she loves laying under the Pampas Grass. I'd brushed Albe, so he wanted to show off his good looks:)

  5. Sun feels so good when the cold has been so long leaving! Albe and Polly are really fun to have in your life I know. It really shows in your blog posts.

  6. I hate it when it's sunny but deceptively cold. And Albe wants nothing to do with the paparazzi.

  7. Hazel, Thank you.

    Yes the sun does feel good.

    gyeong, Think Albe was being a Diva:)

  8. Some just hog the limelight anyway :-) Can you nip over to Cat flap Cavalier cos we would like to give you some flowers Luv's X

  9. Soggiebottom, Actually Polly and albe usually move, so it takes several shots before i get anything remotely usable.

    Off to see the flowers:)


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