Sunday, 27 April 2014

Hope you have had a good week and you are enjoying the weekend.

Took these photos recently.

Polly in dad's garden on a nice sunny day.

Albe enjoying dad's chair.

Albe in the kitchen when I was cooking a roast chicken:)

Polly doing what she does best:)

I hope you all have a good week.

Remember to hug your hound/s.


  1. I am camped at a remote area of southern New Mexico, and internet is almost no available at all, so the pictures were extremely slow in loading onto my computer. The very slowness made it seem like a slow motion movie reel, and it was very funny. The dogs looked like movie stars!

  2. Hazel, Movie stars:) LOL

  3. Beautiful photo's of Plly and Albe!

  4. Sue, Thanks. Neither of them make it easy for me to get photos:)

  5. So nice to have the sun. We are told this rain storm will last all week, so hopefully see sun this weekend

  6. Beautiful pictures of very happy pets Sue :)

  7. gyeong, Hope you do get a nice weekend.

    Di, Thanks:)

  8. If I cooked a roast chicken I doubt Asher would leave the kitchen, lol! Polly sits beautifully :) I should look around for one of those beds although Frankie would probably chew it. It looks just right for a Greyhound, although I'd have to put about 4 feather duvets in it for Beryl to use it.

  9. Polly has such a pretty sit! The garden is looking gorgeous!

  10. Greyhounds CAN Sit, Song had such big thighs she always looked so awkward, but Polly is more dainty:)

    Polly has four layers in the bed.

    houndstooth, Just hoping for weather nice enough to sit out and enjoy the garden.


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