Sunday, 6 April 2014

I hope you have all had a good week and are enjoying the weekend.

I was over at my dad's yesterday and took photos of the garden and also managed to get two videos.  One is of Polly doing zoomies and the other of Albe playing fetch with me.  I'll get the videos downloaded and then on here in the next few days.

In the meantime here is dad's garden.

A stone trough with small Conifers.  Four of the Conifers were planted in this year, as the others had died.  The one at the front hanging down is the only original left.

Small Cherry Tree now showing open blossom.

Think these are some sort of Narcissus. 

Not sure on everything that's in this corner of the garden.  Bottom left is a new Foxglove planted within the last couple of weeks.  The taller plant next to it I think is a Hydrangea. 

This corner has an old Lilac, which is just showing leaf.  On the left there is a Climbing Rose and an ordinary Rose.  These were both planted last year.  The old Plum Tree (with the green netting on it) is now used for a Passion Flower.  Dad's not sure if it has survived, as there's no shoots yet.

The Apple Tree showing leaves.

This is a Peony.

The Roses I mention earlier.  This year will be the first time they flower.

Cycleman.  Two on the right have lovely little flowers and the plants have grown.  The one on the right isn't so happy.

This is a new plant that dad put in on Friday.  Don't know what it is.

This is the trunk of the old Willow.  The Willow died, but dad left the trunk to put climbers up it.  There are two Honeysuckles going up it.  The one on the right dad only put in last week.

Don't know what this shrub is, but the yellow pompoms are lovely.

A Climbing Rose dad put in last year.  There's another one going up the other side of the arch. 

Dad loves pottering in his garden.  He does have a gardener coming in once a week to mow the lawns, cut the edges keep the hedges cut and any other more manual work.  Considering my dad will be 88 this September, he does well to put the plants in and potter like he does.

Hope you've enjoyed the little tour round the garden.

You all take care.


  1. Can't help with the yellow plant, it is beautiful though! I think it's trumped by the cherry blossom - is there a prettier sight?

  2. Laura, I'll have to ask dad what it is called. The little Cherry Tree will be in full bloom soon and then yes, there's not much to better it.

  3. Looks like Spring has sprung there. I hope I'm still messing about in the garden at 88.

  4. Love that garden. I've been planting flowers and shrubs now for three years and love it. I also have climbing roses and will be interested to watch your dad's. I'm particularly fond of holly and have found some oriental holly that looks interesting. i'll photograph it. Its beautiful.Can't wait to see the zoomies :)

  5. That peony beings back memories. What color are the blooms?

  6. gyeong, My dad has finally admitted defeat with the lawns. He's has two very large ones and it is too much for him to mow now, so the garden does them.

    Gary, Would be interested to see the Holly.

    Hazel, It comes out a lovely pink shade. Hopefully I'll get photos of it.

  7. Your dad has a lovely garden Sue, bet it is even better in the Summer.
    :-) x x x

  8. Soggiebottom, Thank you. I think it is at it's best late spring into summer. Like most gardens it is lifeless during winter.

  9. The garden really is lovely! We barely have any green here yet. I'm living vicariously through these pictures. Tell him to be careful, Foxglove is toxic to dogs.

  10. houndstooth, We've never had dogs that take any interest in the plants, so the Foxglove won't be a problem.

    Albe does like to eat the lumps of moss that come off the roof. We have no idea why.


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