Friday, 30 May 2014

Polly is so glad she's made it to Friday.  She says she's had a hard week:)  

First Rudi went for her throat.

Then Puppy bit her butt.

When she finally escaped the stuffies, she found she was so tired, she just had to grab 40 winks.

It sure is a hard life.

Hope you have a fab Friday and a lovely weekend.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Oh Polly! You've got to keep an eye on those stuffies! :)

  2. Laura, Polly usually has at least one stuffie around her neck:)

  3. Ha ha ha! Some days are filled with more peril than others, eh, Polly? I'm glad you made it to Friday!


  4. Sue, I had a wonderful visit with your puppies this morning, via the internet....thanks for sharing them and your desk....Happy crafting!

  5. Bunny, I knew you'd understand. Although we love our humans, they have no idea just how hard life is for us;) Love Polly

    Mary, Thank you for stopping by and enjoying seeing about the dogs.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend of crafting.

  6. Polly, you have to really guard your throat and butt! Maybe you need a security guard!

  7. Hazel, Polly would love to have another Grey as her bodyguard:) One day I hope to grant her wish.

  8. Sometimes you win, sometimes the stuffs win. A never-ending battle.

  9. Sue I am so glad Polly escaped the stuffies eventually :) we have not been getting your posts in our reader grrrrr so I am behind on them...rotten WP has been a pill :) have a great weekend hugs Bev xx

  10. gyeong, When Polly throws her stuffies around, I tell her they'll get her back:)

    Bev, I get that with a couple of the blogs I follow. It's so annoying. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  11. Anonymous00:42:00

    Polly resembles how I feel this week. Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!

  12., Hope you had a fab Friday and a lovely weekend.


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