Sunday, 29 June 2014

I hope you have had a good week and are looking forward to the new one ahead.

We've had a mix of weather recently.  At the moment it is tipping it down.  Dad will be pleased as the garden needs it.

Here are some photos from last Thursday in dad's garden.

Still don't know what this one is, but it's opening up more now.

A Gazania that was planted last year.  It's managed to survive and the flowers are huge.

More flowers coming out.

I managed to get a photo of my dad:)

Polly trancing in the Pampas Grass.

My beautiful girl.

Albe has seemed off colour.  Yesterday he had a slight swelling to his cheek again.  Think we will have to see what the vet thinks.

Thanks for stopping by.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Sue, the flowers are almost as pretty as Polly and Albe.

  2. Hazel, Thank you:)

  3. I agree, the flowers are lovely! Polly and Albe outshine them, though. It's lovely to visit the garden!

  4. houndstooth, Thanks. I may be biased, but I totally agree:)


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