Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Well I hope you've all had a good start to the week.  We've had some beautiful sunny and hot days, but also a lot of rain often with thunderstorms.

I was at my dad's yesterday and as it was dry and sunny after a lot of heavy rain, I went for a stroll round the garden to see how the plants were doing.

Polly had to come and investigate.

Miss Diva didn't want to be photographed.

 Albe didn't care, as he was happy in his bed.

Small Rose bush.

This one is a climber.  The scent from the buds was beautiful.

This is the same as the climber, but it grows into a bush.  This is a bud about to open.

This is the Rose fully open.

Beautiful scented Pinks.

Well you all take care.  Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Beautiful.
    The pinks remind me of my Granmas garden :)

  2. Laura, They look and smell lovely, but they do have a habit of flopping over. Mind you when they do that, dad lets me cut some:)

  3. The weather report got me wanting to tell you that here it is 36 this morning (outside) and 49 inside. Later today it will heat up to 70!

    By the way, is a pink the same thing as a carnation? The garden is lovely!

  4. Hazel, OMG!!! I couldn't take those temps.

    Pinks are a small version of a Carnation.

  5. All that rain, then sun, sure does make for a lush garden.

  6. gyeong, It also means weeds:)

  7. Anonymous14:03:00

    I love roses. They smell wonderful. We are hoping to add some knock out roses to our garden this year.

  8. lovinglife, Hope you find some lovely roses and they do well. Dad put in several new ones last year and so far they are all doing well.

  9. My grandpa loved his roses and could grow some really beautiful ones! I love those pinks!

    Polly's collar is beautiful on her!

  10. houndstooth, The shame about Pinks is they tend to flop over, although that's when dad says I can cut some. The scent is lovely.

    I bought that collar for Polly (she has some of Song's) from a lady who makes them in Denmark. Even with postage they are very reasonable.

  11. Love your photo's Sue, the flowers and the dogs are beautiful :)


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