Sunday, 27 July 2014

I thought I'd show you where I have been walking Polly, now I can drive to the beach.

The photos don't show that there are very big steep concrete steps down to the beach (part of the sea defences), so I couldn't get down on the sand.

The first morning we walked to the right along the top of the concrete sea defences.

This view shows the beach to the left.  Instead of the steep steps it just has a very steep angled run of concrete.  The second morning I walked along the back of the dunes on a sandy path and then managed to get up and over the dunes and onto the beach.

Polly got her feet wet, but didn't seemed bothered either way:)

The beach has shingle and lots of small shells, which can be sharp.  

We have another beach (well it's just a continuation of this one), which I can drive to that has a large earthen bank ( part of the sea defences), which you can walk along.  There's also a little nature reserve on the inland side, which you can walk through as well.  I'll definitely be going out there at some point.

Polly said I had to put a photo of her in todays post, as the last two posts didn't have one:)

Here she is investigating a smell in dad's garden.

Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Ooh, must be a bit exciting discovering new walks.
    Polly looks pretty in a blue collar. :)
    Have a good week x

  2. Sue I don't understand what "shingle" is. Could you explain?
    So glad you have that car and can drive to the beaches!

  3. Laura, It is nice to be able to take different walks.

    When Polly goes out, she usually has a fancy collar on. the thin plain blue one is her house collar. You know us girls have to have more than one outfit:)

    Hazel, Shingle is like gravel. Small bits of stone. Check this link out

  4. Polly, bet it's fun having your mum chauffeur you around. Yes, there should be a pic of you in every post :)

  5. gyeong, She's waking me up at 5.30am wanting to go for her walk. I make her wait till 6am and then I get up and we are out around 6.30am. We won't be doing that when it is dark at that time:)

    I'm at dad's tomorrow, so will hopefully get some more photos of Polly.

    Hope you have a lovely day.

  6. What a gorgeous spot for a walk..we have those sharp shells up at beaches along the Coral sea..walking on them in flippers is an accident waiting to last time we went we got these surf shoes..made of neoprene like wet suits..made life a lot easier :) and polly's coat looks very shiny in that pic..glad she found some good smells in your dads garden :) hugs and loves Bev xx

  7. Bev, I was ok, it was Polly I was worried about.

    Polly can always find smells to investigate:)

  8. Your beaches look like the Fla beaches on the East Coast where we lived for over 40 yrs, prior to relocating to SC. Polly is a lovely girl, and I can see she has a sweet disposition. Greys make such affectionate pets. TFS - both the pictures of the lovely beaches and the Pretty Polly-girl.

  9. I used to love walking by the sea with Harvey - only thing about Spiddal, in Galway that I really enjoyed as were were on our own.
    you have a lovely beach there too Sue and of course the gorgeous Polly loves it too.


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