Friday, 25 July 2014

I would like to introduce you to my new baby called Kermit.

Kermit, as it's green and although you can't see it in this shot, it has a pink piggy on the aerial, ie...Miss Piggy:)

I've not had a car since January 1994.  I am so glad to have my own wheels:)

Hope you are having a fab week.


  1. Good choice of names Sue, freedom at last eh! You are going to love it.
    Happy driving, Angela x

  2. Ooh, lovely!
    My favourite colour too :)

  3. That's a long time not to have a car! I hope you and Kermit are very happy together -- and that Miss Piggy doesn't get jealous!

  4. What a cute car! What is the first big trip will you and Polly be taking in Kermit?

  5. Angela, Polly and I went to the beach this morning for our walk. Tide was in, so we had to just walk along the seafront, but it was lovely.

    Laura, Apparently the colour was a limited one. if it is still roadworthy in 10 years time, VW fans will easily pay much more than I paid for it.

    houndstooth, Miss Piggy will just have to get use to it:) LOL

    gyeong, Doubt I will go on a big trip, as can't leave my dad really. There are places I'd like to go and there are a fair number of places i can go with Polly. Sandringham is the Queen's Norfolk residence and it's about 20 minute drive away. There are beautiful walks through woodland, so will definitely get up there soon.

    1. I am envious. Makes my old 1991 Ford truck look pretty feeble. If I had that car I'd take out the back seat and put foam wall to wall and cover it with a heavy blanket and haul my girls everywhere in it, especially to the water for swims. Very nice. I hope you enjoy........

  6. Congratulations on your new Kermit! I hope that you made sure it's big enough for Polly!
    And your DAD!

  7. Hazel, It is more than big enough for Polly and if she doesn't mind sharing the back seat a second Greyhound and the boot is big enough for one Greyhound or a couple of smaller dogs.

    Gary, Thank you.

  8. Sue I am so happy you now have Kermit and are enjoying all the freedom is brings you. Happy Motoring !!

  9. Di, Thank you:)


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