Monday, 25 August 2014

It's a Bank Holiday weekend here, so most people have today off work.  Forecasting heavy rain, which is often the case on Bank Holidays.

No rain here yet, so I got down the seafront with Polly first thing.  Tide was in, so we couldn't walk on the beach.

Thought I get these photos up of Polly, as they have been languishing on my PC for some time.

Polly loves the Pampas Grass.

She also loves her bed.

And the bed at dad's.

She'll even roach on the floor.

Hope you are having a lovely day.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. I love all the pictures, but that last one made me laugh! Polly certainly doesn't have trouble getting comfortable!

  2. houndstooth, I think Polly would be comfortable on a bed of nails, so long as she could roach:) LOL

  3. I thought t first that her head was missing in the photo of Polly in your Dad's bed!
    I've never seen Power roach that I can remember!

  4. These made me laugh, especially the sprawling one. Does it ever look to be a familiar posture! I can see that she really loves that pampas grass too. I did not realize that would grow in Britain, as I think of it as a tropical plant. We had it lots in Fla. along with Palmetto scrub bushes. (Which would attract roaches and slithery I didn't want the natural look that is very common in Fla.) TFS the pictures of your baby girl. Hugs

  5. Hazel, She often get's so her head is under one of the chairs at dad's.

    MaryH, Pampas Grass is common here. Dad's is showing the feathers now, although I should think they will look bedraggled today with the heavy rain we've had.

    I hate slithery creatures but we only have one venomous snake here, the Adder. We also have a Grass Snake and the Smooth Snake which is very rare and only lives in four counties in heathland.

  6. These photos of Polly make me want to stretch!!
    It's very soggy here today, apparently we had 40mm of rain over night and it's still raining now...

  7. Laura, I think Polly would be good at Yoga:)

    Hope you soon have a nicer spell. Stayed mainly sunny here and no rain snce early morning.

  8. Oh these made me laugh Sue :) she looks like Forrest he is always like this...hilarious :) have a great day loves Bev xxxx

  9. Bev, They sure do make us laugh:)


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