Saturday, 16 August 2014

Yesterday I went with a friend to St, mary's Church, Old hunstanton for their Flower Festival.  I love the old church as my mum sang in the choir and my parents got married there as well.

Here are the photos I took.  The displays were based on books.

This one was Love Your Garden, Alan Titchmarsh.

The one below is Merry Berry's book.

This is the stunning stained glass window.

Couldn't post without a photo or two of Polly.

Can you see her?

A tiring day means a good roach whilst fast asleep:)

Well I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Remember to hug your hound/s.

NB...Click on the photos and they will enlarge.


  1. I love seeing flower displays and there's no better place to show off wonderful flower displays than a church. Thanks for showing lovely photo's Sue. Luv's to young Polly, I see you Polly :-) x

  2. wonderful pictures Sue, the flower arrangements are gorgeous and the colours outstanding. Really like the stain glass window too.
    What can I say about the lovely Polly, peek a boo and enjoy your rest :-D

  3. Soggiebottom, The photos don't do them justice.

    Di, When I can't see Polly in the garden, I always look to the Pampas Grass and there she is:)

  4. Love the cheeky grin in the last photo :)

  5. Sue, I was so glad to see Alan Titchmarsh's name in the blog. I used to enjoy seeing him in the "Ground Force" TV show. I miss him and the rest of the crew!

    Polly, sleep good!

  6. Hi Sue, So enjoyed the lovely pictures in your post this evening. That church looks like a fascinating one to visit. I love seeing all the old churches in the British shows I watch. Such history inside a religious structure...with all the marvelous architecture and stained glass. The flowers were so beautiful, and I can see that you had a wonderful visit. Thanks for sharing the time with us - in your photos. Looks like Polly had a nice day too! Hugs

  7. Laura, Greyhounds do smile, but as it often means exposing their teeth it can be rather off putting to some people:)

    Hazel, Here Alan is doing a new show called Love Your Garden. I wonder if you could see the programme using your PC and going onto ITV iPlayer.

    MaryH, Glad you enjoyed the photos. The church is beautiful and like you say full of history.

    Polly got her beauty sleep whilst I was at the flower festival:)

  8. Hi, Sue! Thanks so much for the beautiful photos of the amazing flower show! Polly is adorable, and the stained glass windows are works of art! Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my post today, too. It is so helpful hearing "words of wisdom" from kind folks like you. hugs, de

  9. Hi Donna, Glad you like the photos.

    Not sure about 'words of wisdom' but I feel it's true.

  10. What lovely flowers and arrangements! Wow! And hello there, lovely Polly!


  11. Hi Bunny, Glad you like the photos.

    Hope you have a good day.

  12. Thanks for sharing, Sue! The photos are really stunning!! Yes, Polly is stunning, too!! Hugs, Darnell


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