Saturday, 6 September 2014

Here are photos I took at dad's today.  Not much colour in the garden now, except for green.

The last few flowers on the Clematis (Dr. Ruppel)

Dad bought this little bird bath the other week.

The Red Robin is starting to have new growth, which come out red.

The little flower bed is mainly greens now.  In the back near the tree dad has Red Hot Pokers, but they aren't red they are a green/yellow variety.

The other end of the flower bed are the true Red Hot Pokers.

Pampas Grass with the feathers showing well.

Polly wanted me to put up the photo I took of her today.

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

Remember to hug your hound/s.


  1. That is a cool bird bath. Of course there should be a picture of Polly. It is her blog :)

  2. The flowers really reminded me of the ones I had in my yard at my former house! Polly I am so glad you got into the blog!

  3. gyeong, Trouble is dad's only had a Magpie and a little Sparrow drink out of it. Most of the birds use the larger birdbaths that aren't on the ground. Still it's nice.

    Hazel, Polly told me she thought she should be in every post:)

  4. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of the lovely garden (which I would call 'a lawn'). I love the way it's called a 'garden' in the UK. The plants are lovely, and it's easy to see why Polly loves to relax there. I expect it's very peaceful - for either greys or their humans. Have a great week yourself and give Polly a pat for me. Hugs

  5. MaryH, We call the grass a lawn as well, but overall we call it a garden. It looks much better when the plants are all flowering, but now most are over.

    Polly says thanks for the pat.

  6. Even without a lot of blooms, the garden is lovely! I have never seen a Red Robin, but I really like it!

  7. houndstooth, There are times of the year when the Red Robin is very red. Its a Photinia.


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