Sunday, 28 September 2014

Polly and I hope you are all enjoying a nice weekend.  We are in an Indian Summer, with temps higher than average for this time of year.  So far today it's overcast, but hoping it will brighten up.

Polly and I had a nice walk along the cliffs earlier.  She's had her breakfast, so soon this will be her:)

Well you all take care and don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. *blinks* Is Polly in bed with Rudolph?? Does he stay with you when he is not working for Santa?! :D
    (there is a slight chance I'm in a funny mood!!)
    Hope it has brightened up for you, it hasn't for us but it is still nice and warm.
    Laura x

  2. Laura, Rudi was Song's favourite pillow and Polly took to him straight away:)

    Glad you are in a funny mood, a smile a day keeps the grumps away:) LOL

    Stayed a little hazy here, but temps reached 24.

    Hope the new week is a good one for you.

  3. I think Rudolph's pose should be like Polly's, chin up and asleep!

  4. Hazel, But then I wouldn't know which was which:) LOL

  5. Polly looks perfectly content hahaa..bless her cotton sox :) have a great week Sue and Polly :) loves Bev xxxx

  6. Sue, we have a 2 year old Keeshond, and she sleeps completely on her back with all four feet in the air.......crazy! Love the picture.


  7. Bev, She is easily pleased:)

    Sue, I have seen other breeds roach, but it is definitely swell known to Greyhound owners.

  8. She's so cute. I hope the heat subsides soon!

  9. She looks pretty comfy to me! Clearly, dinner pleased her!

  10. Trina, Yesterday was a few degrees cooler, but today they reckon 21, so not too bad.

    houndstooth, Think like most Greyhounds Polly is comfy even when she looks uncomfortable:)

  11. Easy to see that Miss Polly loves her nap. Bet that was a lovely walk for the both of you. Glad you are having some great weather to enjoy as well. TFS & Hugs

  12. Thanks for the fun picture, I wish I could be that relaxed.

    Hugs diane

  13. MaryH, Weather is supposed to be lovely for the rest of the week, but then temps dropping and wet weather coming.

    Diane, If I layed like that I think my neck would lock up:)

  14. Hope your lovely weather lasts a long time for you! But I won't complain if you send some our way. We're getting typical spring stuff, four seasons in one day! I'm looking forward to being able to complain about the heat ;) Hugs to pretty Polly.

  15. Greyhounds Can Sit, We are heading into a colder wet spell. Been dry today but cold.

    Thanks for the hugs and sending some right back to you.


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