Sunday, 21 December 2014

Happy Christmas

So Polly and I have been trawling Google Images for suitable pictures to put in our Happy Christmas post.  There were so many we liked, we have decided to include the top three.

Number 1 tells you what this post is about.

Number 2 is in honour of Bunny ( )who has been writing to Santa to let him know just how fast Greyhounds can go.  So far he's not responded, so Bunny thinks Rudolph is intercepting the letters:)

Number 3 is simply because it made me smile:)

Polly and I hope you all have the best Christmas ever.  Be happy, be safe and as always remember to hug your hound/s. 


  1. Hi, Sue! I love the Christmas Greeting you and Polly concocted! Great images, and such a sweet thought! Happy Christmas to you and Polly, and may 2015 be very kind to you, my dear friend. hugs, de

  2. Merriest of Christmases to you, Sue and Polly! I went to visit Santa last week and we had a little chat. I wrote all about it in tomorrow's post. We'll see what happens!


  3. Donna, Thank you. We sure hope 2015 is the best ever for everyone.

    Bunny, Will check out your post tomorrow with interest.

  4. Oh are these cute! I especially love the greys pulling that sleigh. Gonna see if I can save the pic & give to DD for a desktop image. She will love it too! #3 looks like one we have here. These pups will get some antlers for the day but won't stay put very long. 2 of them are retired racers...Oldest dog and newest dog. The 2 that are sisters, were the product of an unplanned breeding (honest, that's the tale I was told!) so the kids had to sign papers to the effect, they would never attempt to race them. Dallas was about 3 months when they got her, and grew up with them. She was a mess when she was a puppy, very boisterous & active. She's settled down lots, for which I'm glad. Her teeth were sharp when she'd chew on my toes if I had on sandals. I'd have to take my foot and push her away & scold her. She'd just look at me like "aren't I cute? What's wrong with you?". Then she'd be right back until somebody put her in the kennel! #1 has always been very well behaved, and it's sad to see how he is just now. Really hurts. But that's life, for all of us. Og-gie looks a lot like the picture in the sidebar of Bobby TFS & Merry Christmas.

  5. Adorable! I can't decide which of the three is my favorite. :-)

  6. MaryH, I have emailed the image, so hopefully you can get it sent to your daughter. Polly and my previous Greyhound Song both had long racing careers. I'm hoping to get a second Greyhound in the New Year. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

    April, I found loads on Google Images.

    Hope you have a good week and a lovely Christmas.

  7. Hazel, Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I love your little "deer" Polly looks very happy to be able to help dear ole Santa. Happy New Year young lady. I look forward to seeing lots of what you do during 2015.

  9. Mary, That wasn't Polly in the photo:) Once the weather improves hopefully Polly and I will be getting out and about more, so i hope we'll have more photos and videos to show everyone.


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