Wednesday, 17 December 2014

WOYWW 17th December, 2014

Here is my WOYWW (What's On Your Workbench Wednesday).  If you want to know more about this weekly event, take a look at Julia's blog

No crafting this week, but what I do have on my desk is this cute Christmas Stocking and cheese dog biscuits my friend gave to Polly.  I've hung it above her bed, but have taken the biscuits out, as that would have been too tempting:) LOL

Happy WOYWW.


  1. How gorgeous is that stocking :) and yes temptation hahahaah :) and all of a sudden you are back in my reader so yay! hugs Bev XXX

  2. That's such a fab stocking, love Polly does too...or rather, she will do when she gets her gnashers around those doggy treats :-)
    Festive hugs,
    LLJ 20 xx

  3. What a fantastic gift for Polly, but yeah, move those treats out of the way, lol! Have a wonderful Christmas.

    Brenda 38

  4. How cute, Sue! I love the wuppliness! LOL And your music is so cute - it started out with "Merry Christmas, Ladies" -- a perfect welcome! Hope your day is going well. love, de

  5. So cute, what more could a doggie want. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #41

  6. I'm curious about the "wupply". What does that mean?

    1. Think it's a play on Have A Lovely Christmas:)

  7. Bev, Glad I am back with you:)

    LLJ, Yes, Polly will love the dog biscuits.

    Brenda , The treats are cheese, so she will definitely love them:)

    Donna, I know, isn't that cute:)

    Oh yes, Merry Christmas Mr. Buble:) You know almost every shop i have been in recently are playing his Christmas songs.

    Sandy, What more could she want, well let me see:) More squeaky toys, more treats, more soft blankets, more treats, another Greyhound to cuddle up with, oh and more treats:) LOL

  8. adorable for sure. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays.

    Pat #49

  9. Polly will love the stocking - after you put the bisquits back in, hehe!
    Happy holidays
    Gabriele 19

  10. What a lovely stocking - a very lucky pup! A good idea to remove the goodies first. Hugs, Chris # 8

  11. That is a very cute stocking! Your dog will probably be more interested in the biscuits than the stocking...
    Have a lovely week,

  12. Ho ho ho. Michael Buble does a great job singing Christmas carols. The doggie stocking looks great - smart of you to take out the treats!

    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (43)

  13. Cute gift, and oh yeah, if we left dog cookies within reach, they would be gone in a minute!
    Merry Christmas, Sue and a Wish for a happy healthy New Year.


  14. Adorable stocking and those cheese treats look yummy enough to be people food. Hope you and the pups have a nice holiday. Happy WOYWW #25

  15. Pat, Thank you.

    Gabriele, You are right there:)

    Chris, It is hung in reach of her, so the first thing I did was hide the treats in the kitchen:)

    Lisca, She did have a good sniff of the stocking. Expect she could smell my friends two dogs.

    Kay, Glad you liked the tunes.

    Sue, Probabaly less than a second:) LOL

    Shel, They do smell lovely. I'd try one, but I don't want a shiny wet nose:)

  16. Her stocking is absolutely adorable! I love it!

  17. houndstooth, It is:)

  18. I'm sure that Christmas Stocking will be bulging in a few days time Polly. Keep warm and snuggle down, dream and it will happen :-) x x x

  19. Soggibottom, Polly would like another Greyhound, which definitely won't fit in the stocking:)


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