Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hope you have had a good week.  For those affected by snow, whether here or across the pond you stay safe and warm.

My girls don't like this cold weather.  They do love snuggling up in their pjs.  Polly is in the red one with stars and Honey is in the pink camo.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. Okay, Polly and Honey, it's time that you came here and cuddled with me! You both look so cozy!

  2. LOL! They are darling! Look how shiny their fur is! I love black animals (my kitty is black). Polly and Honey are so cute in their jammies! Did you make them, Sue? We don't have snow, but we did have a heavy frost again this morning - our temps are so strange - being in the mid sixties on night, and a frost the next night - really strange - but at least it is not iced and snowy! Hope you are feeling well - I am finally recovering from the after effects the germies brought on - and it makes me happy! LOL xoxoxox

  3. Hazel, They both like cuddles, but think it would be too tiring to fly out to you. If you want to come here though, they are happy to oblige:)

    Donna, I don't know why it is, but black animals are harder to rehome.

    No I didn't make either of them. I got them made by a lady in a Greyhound group on FB.

    Weather is strange these days. Glad you are improving after your bug.

  4. How adorable are these girls? You can see they love these little warmers. Didn't realize the black colors were more difficult to find good homes. Our latest is a black fella - who is quite handsome. I don't think our bunch care for very cold weather either. I know that an earlier pair of DD's greys had walking jackets, but daresay she hasn't thought about jammies as yet. They like to burrow under blankies though, when the Fla temps get chilly. So glad your 2 found a loving home. TFS & Happy Sunday. Hugs

  5. MaryH, They both sleep in my bedroom at night. I don't like a lot of heat, so the heater is on low, otherwise they wouldn't need the PJs.

    You'd be surprised at how many people I see walking Greyhounds without coats and yet they have all their winter gear on. Also people walking them in the heat of the day. Greyhounds don;t have mnuch fat, so they can't handle cold or heat.

  6. The girls both look so comfy and content! And clearly, they aren't having any problems getting along!

  7. houndstooth, They are getting on fine. They even played this afternoon with stuffies, although each with their own toy and the other side of the room. they kept glancing at each other though:)

  8. Hi Sue, my niece rescued two grey hounds in the past, and I remember they didn't like the cold and actually had to be protected from it. Who wouldn't love to lay around in their jammies all day and keep cozy and warm like these two, right? So darn cute.


  9. Sue, I think they are the perfect pet. They only need two 20 minute walks a day (I usually do one walk of at least 40 minutes). They don't often bark. They don't have the wet dog smell like other dogs. They don't shed an awful lot (usually). They are content to sleep for on average 16 hours a day. They are gentle and very loving. of course i may be biased:) LOL


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