Sunday, 4 January 2015

Polly and I hope 2015 is going good for you.

Hope you like the change in music to some of my favourite Whitney Houston songs.

As you can see Polly has started the New Year as she means to go on.

Sadly three of my friends have had to send their dog to The Bridge recently.  Polly and I are sending special hugs to (((Di & George))), (((Sue & Eric))) and (((Hilary))).  We all know the total sadness from the loss of a pet and only time really helps.  Remember as each dog passes a piece of our heart goes with them, but they in turn leave a part of theirs.  

My friend Hilary gave me this beautiful Greyhound Angel.  Whenever I look at it, I will remember all the dogs that are now waiting at the Bridge for their owners.

Hope you all have a good week.  Remember to hug your hound/s.


  1. Methinks Polly has the right idea! And I'm loving that Greyhound angel. How perfect, and don't think I've seen one of those before. So sad to hear of your friends' loss. I expect I shall be hearing that Ossie has gone to the Rainbow soon...We tried to talk to the kids about it, but the vet has said he's not in pain. Looking at him, it is such a struggle to see him try to sit or get up, that it broke our hearts. DD holds his dish for him to eat most of the time. He eats slowly, so the others will snip in and gobble if not watched. I know how hard it is to let go though, so aside from reminding them not to let him suffer, we didn't say much. They see it every day, so don't think they realize how bad he appears. He knows he's loved though, so that's what matters. Big pats to Polly when she wakes & Happy New Year to you. Thanks for sharing your angel with us. Hugs

  2. MaryH, It is always hard to know when the time has come to let your pet go to The Bridge. I had a Jack Russell that over 12 months lost all feeling in her back legs. she wasn't in pain, but one day the light had gone from her eyes and she just stayed in her bed all the time. I knew then it was the right time.

    Polly thanks you for the pats, but she wants me to tell you she very much likes hugs:)

    1. Tell Polly I'm sorry. I am allergic to pet dander, so I can't do hugs. I don't pat any of the granddogs now, except for Ossie when the others are not where they can see (they get jealous). DD has had him the longest and I know he doesn't give me problems. The next 2, Dallas & Reilly - look alike. Reilly came later, and she messes up my allergy problem. So I have to be very careful. Was afraid the new dog might set me off, but I gave him a wide berth. He seemed to understand, and didn't try to get 'on me' like the other 2 do. I am very careful when I'm visiting, and I hate having to do that...but I also don't like getting respiratory problems either!! So I'll just have to carefully pat Polly, and hope she will understand!!! (My grands don't..they look at me like "What's wrong with you Granma?". My DH makes up for it with them. LOL

  3. Goodness, Polly looks so small in this photo!
    So sad to hear of losses but it just reminds us to enjoy what we have while we have it, to treasure every mad zoomy and lick.
    Wishing you both a happy week x

  4. aw, I am sorry your friends have lost their dear fur friends. I hope their hearts are soon on the mend. It's amazing how responsive animals are to being loved, even when they are in tremendous discomfort! hugs, de

  5. Good call, Polly! Bunny and Flattery plan to do a lot of that this year, too.

    Your angel hound is beautiful!

  6. Laura, Polly can curl up to smaller than a pillow, or stretch out to fill that bed:)

    Yes, we do have to treasure every moment.

    Donna, Sadly if you have a pet, there will come the time when you have to let it go.

    houndstooth, As I expect all Greyhounds will:)

  7. Sad to hear about the loss of a pet, especially around the holidays. We sometimes are in denial about how bad they are, because we don't want them to go, but you're right Sue, we just know and so do they when that time comes. Bless folks who love an animal.


  8. I want to be Polly. :-) April

  9. Sue, I DID see Downton, and enjoyed it. Also had recorded the Call the Midwives special, which I thought was very good too. I like both those programs. Good actors. And love Miss Maggie. She's my favorite in that show.

  10. Sue, We love them so much, that's why it's hard to let them go. Usually we get another as we can't stand not to know that love again.

    April, You and me both:)

    MaryH, I liked Call the Midwives as well. A new series starts soon.

    Polly says she'll make do with the pats then:)

  11. It's so sad to hear about the new bridge babies, but I am so glad that they were so loved and loving!

  12. Hazel, It is sad. We all know how it feels and can only sympathise, knowing time is what's needed and hopefully the love of another fur baby.


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