Saturday, 28 February 2015

Polly's 8th Birthday (1st March)

Well it's Polly's 8th Birthday tomorrow (1st March).  There's no way I wanted to forget, so that's why I'm putting this post up now.

She's been with me now two years, five and a half months and yet I can hardly remember her not being here.  

She helped me get over losing Song.  My heart was broken, yet she came into my life and repaired it.   

When I lost my dad last October, she gave me space when I needed it, but she knew when I needed her and she'd come over and just lay her head on my lap.

Most of the photos of Polly (red collar) are of her curled up in her bed, so this one is rare.  As you can see I had to keep hold of her though:)

She has a new toy, new soft blanket to snuggle under and will of course get extra treats.

Since Honey (blue collar) joined us 7 weeks ago, she's been perfect with her.   They are friends already and I wouldn't be without either of them.  

The girls and I would like you to give your hound/s an extra hug for Polly's Birthday.


  1. Happy birthday, Polly! I'm so glad that you are a big help to your MUM when life is hard, or when life is easy!

  2. Hazel, Polly says thanks.

  3. Happy Birthday Polly. Hugs to you for your birthday.

  4. April, Polly says thanks for the hugs.

  5. Big Happy, Happy to Polly. Greys can bring so much comfort. When the 1st grand grey died with cancer, DD said she was NOT getting another. Two weeks later, Ossie came home. They felt he was lonely, so then got Jam (who also succumbed to cancer). Then came puppy Dallas, some years later her sister Reilly (who is the one I'm allergic to), and now last we have Ogie. They all get along just fine, after a bit of initial jealousy on Ogie. All are quite friendly, except Ossie has always been a bit reserved. I call him "The gentleman" as he has the best manners of all that have been in the family. So hope Polly & you really enjoy her day. Oh yea, on the Skype. We don't have that - yet. And she says she won't be going out West - just yet. We'll see ...I think she will. But that's life. TFS & Hugs to you, Pats to Polly. So glad that she joined in your life.

  6. MaryH, Polly says thank you.

    It does seem like the word is getting out how good Greyhounds are as pets. Sadly Greyhounds do seem to suffer with Cancer. I lost my first Greyhound to it. Glad your DD has given so many Greys a good home.

    Here Skype is free. I have it, but only used it a couple of times.

  7. Polly and Honey are darling! Happy Birthday, Polly! Time flies by, doesn't it? We celebrated our rescued German Shepherd's 5th birthday last month! They are so sweet. I hope your week is a happy one, Sue! Thank you for the music! hugs, de

  8. Donna, It sure does. I will have had Polly three years in September. My friend has a German Shepherd. Beautiful dogs.

    Glad you like the music. I must change it soon.

  9. Aww, happy birthday to Polly. Sweet girl. Hug my pup everyday, first thing I do in the morning and last thing I do at night. They are just the best comfort.


  10. Sue, today we had temps in the 70F & lovely sunshine. Such a welcome change, although I expect it's quite brief. However Daylight Saving Time starts in 2 wks, so our days will lengthen and we'll get more sun. Helps my mood so much. Hope that Polly had such a nice birthday. I'm not sure if Skype is a free service in the USA. Guess I'll have to be checking into it. I know lots of folks use it. One more technology for me to learn! Hugs & you & the girls have a great week. (and DD has had 6 rescue greys & the one Doxie inherited from FIL. He never had it so good).

  11. Sue, They are so huggable:)

    MaryH, We are heading into a warmer patch, but not sure if it will last. Our mornings are lighter earlier and our nights are getting darker later. I love the longer days.

    Check out this link for Skype Think you'll have to copy and paste it into your browser.

    I wish I had the room and money to have more Greyhounds, but two is my limit:)

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Polly. How nice to have a new sister to share your life. Good on you Sue for saving rescue dogs. I don't understand why more people don't do the same. Rescues are the best dogs of all!

  13. Mary, Polly says thank you.

    I totally agree about rescue dogs, especially Greyhounds. They make fantastic pets.


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