Monday, 9 February 2015

Well the temps are still bloomin cold here.  We've had a lot of ice about.  The girls thought the best thing was to get some beauty sleep as well as keeping warm.

Honey fast asleep

Polly asleep. 

Polly roaching.

Honey playing with a KongWubba that was Songs.

Think she wondered if she was allowed it.  She hasn't been able to make it squeak, but when I do it for her, she loves it.

We hope you all have a nice warm weekend.  Remember to hug your hound/s.


  1. They look so content and happy :)
    Stay warm x

  2. We had a rare beautiful and warm weekend for February. But it is supposed to plummet tomorrow and be cold and dreary again. STay warm!

  3. :Laura, Thank you.

    Trina, I don't mind the cold so much, but hate it when it is dismal. Hope you see the sun again soon.

  4. Dogs asleep and dogs at play are both the best!

  5. I agree with the girls, eat, craft, stay warm, that's what I'm doing until this cold and snow lessens up. Keep warm and cozy, Sue, with your pups.


  6. What a life! Glad the girls are staying warm and well rested. lol

  7. Hazel, Agree:)

    Sue, Sounds like a good plan:)

    April, There's no way the girls won't stay warm and rested:)

  8. Got a kick out of your use of 'bloomin' as an adjective. That's a term we use here in the USA South! Very descriptive at times! Loved seeing those very intelligent Girls - they know what's the best thing to do when it's cold & icy. Stay warm, play a little, doze a lot. Big hugs to them - they are adorable. Glad you have them to keep you comp'ny. Hugs

  9. MaryH, Didn't know 'bloomin' was a word used in America.

    Polly and Honey say thanks for the hugs and they send some right back to you (((MaryH))).


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