Saturday, 21 March 2015


Tuesday I had to rush Honey to the vet just before 5pm.  She was obviously in a lot of pain.  Vet checked her over.  No it wasn't anything from the spay.  No she didn't have a temperature.  No it wasn't Bloat.  No it wasn't pain in the back or neck or any other joint.  The vet pressed and poked and it wasn't till she prodded just up near the end of Honey's ribcage that Honey yelped very loudly and kept yelping.  Vet was stumped, but agreed I had done the right thing in taking her in.  After losing Song so suddenly I can be a bit paranoid.  

Anyway, vet gave Honey a painkilling jab that had Morphine in it.  She said this will sting.  Well you would have thought she was cutting Honey's leg off.  I came away with a tube of paste stuff that had antibiotics in it and she had to have that twice a day.  

Once home Honey just stood still trembling and drooling.  I have never seen so much drool.  Had to put newspapers under her.  Every now and then she would arch hr back and then try and relax, but never managed it.  Then she squatted a few times, but I didn't realise she had done three very little pees.  I put her lead on and led her outside.  She squatted and then got up, then squatted and then.....well I think you get the picture.  Eventually she did a very small hard poo (sorry if too much info:)).  We came back in and I coaxed her into the dog bed.

The vet had warned me she would be drugged up by the jab, and boy did she looked spaced out.

I slept in my reclining chair in here, so I could keep an eye on her and she'd have the bigger dog beds.  Well every little sound I woke, but Honey slept through.

Vet had made me a 9am appointment for Wednesday, but said I could cancel it if she was better.  Well how she'd been the previous evening, I wouldn't have been surprised if I had found her passed away.  The last time I saw a dog looking that ill, was Song and she had to be pts within hours of getting her to the vet.

Anyway, Honey was 95% recovered.  She remained a little subdued for the morning, but then was back to her usual exuberant self.  It was so nice to see her wagging her tail again.

I've only had her a short time, but I realised how much I had bonded when I thought I was going to lose her.

Please don't take your dog/s for granted.  In a blink of an eye they can be gone.  Go now and give yours a huge hug.


  1. I'm so glad she recovered so quickly. It would make me very sad if you lost her.

  2. Oh, I was scared to read this as I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Sorry you both went through it but SO glad to hear Honey is feeling better x

  3. April & Laura, Thank you. It just goes to show how things can go bad in such a short time, but also come right quickly.

  4. Oh Sue how scary! i am so relieved that Honey is feeling better and hope maybe she just pulled a rib muscle..i know that fear as you know all too well..and we send all our love your way and hope that Honey is feeling 100% very very soon! Loves Bev xxx

  5. Oh, Honey! Glad you're feeling better. That is so scary. We're greyhound people. Talking poo is part of normal conversation :) Going to hug my pups now, then feed them. Though they'd prefer it the other way around, I'm sure.

  6. Did the vet know what was causing all this pain? Near the rib cage? small hard poo? small amount of pee? Please tell us what was wrong!

  7. I am so glad she recovered so quickly. I do understand how precious they are ...and how sometimes unfair things happen..hugs to you and Honey

  8. Bev, Thank you. Honey seems to have a little pain again. Not as bad as last time, but will have to see how she is in the morning. Vet didn't know what caused it last time, so assume there would be blood tests and an x-ray needed.

    gyeong, Glad you hugged your hounds and then fed them:)

    Hazel, Vet didn't know.

    Trina, Thank you for the hugs.

  9. so glad you took her in, Sue! It is sad that our pets cannot verbalize exactly what they are feeling. Hope she is completely better by tomorrow! hugs, de

  10. Donna, Well Honey was fine before I turned in last night. I'll just have to keep an eye on her.

    Thanks for the hugs.

  11. So scary. Hope she is fully recovered now.


  12. Hi Sue, sure hope that by the time I am getting this visit & comment done, that Honey is all over 'whatever' this was. I'm so glad you got her seen quickly, as just as with little ones, the pets problem can get very bad very quickly. I always say better to have a laugh on me over nothing than hesitate and then wish later I'd taken action. Big hugs, as I know you are both needing one! TFS

  13. That is so scary! It sounds like Honey may have had some constipation. Maybe from the anesthesia from her spay? Glad to hear she is recovered now.

    We're dealing with a sick kitty now... not sure what's wrong but it just might be age and hard living.

  14. Sue, She had a short time this afternoon when she obviously didn't feel right.

    MaryH, Thanks for the hugs, we never turn them away:)

    Judy, Hope your kitty is soon much better.


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