Saturday, 28 March 2015


Polly has Arthritis in her elbows and shoulders.  It seems to flare up during the cold and wet weather.  This flare up hasn't eased, so I took her to the vet.  She's now on one 50mg Rimadyl a day.  Hopefully when the warmer weather arrives, she can come off them.  

Vet was very good and did a price match with an online site.  Vets would have been £1.58 each, online 55p each.  I've got two months supply, but then she has to have bloods tests at £70 before my vet will issue more Rimadyl.

Polly is only 8 and it worries me that she already has Arthritis and long term use of the meds can cause liver problems, but we have to keep her pain free.

I think the time will come when I will have to take the girls for a short walk.  Then put Polly back in here and go out again with Honey.

I don't know what the future holds for Polly, but I intend to enjoy every second I have with her. 

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Oh Polly, I hate that you are in pain!
    That is a big difference in price Sue. I hope the warm weather to come will ease the pains - I know it does for me! Give her a hug from me x

  2. We use Rimadyl with Parker and Stan, as they are both old men with creaky joints. As far as meds go, Rimadyl is very easy on the liver. We've had them on it for a while. No problems with bloodwork. We also add additional fish oil and glucosamine/chondroitin pills to their breaksfast, as it's supposed to be good for joints too.

  3. Did Polly have a strenuous racing career? I really hate to think of her suffering! Valentine had a bad knee from the age of 5! He learned to live with it but he couldn't go as far as Fleur.
    At the time, my vet told me to give him aspirin and never mentioned liver problems or blood tests. I wonder why Rimadyl is so toxic to the liver!?
    Give her hugs from us!

  4. Laura, Last summer polly was fine, so fingers crossed for this year. She says thanks for the hugs.

    gyeong, I give Glucosamine/Chondroitin tabs, Garlic tabs and her kibble has all sorts in it for joints. Good to hear you haven't had problems with Rimadyl.

    Hazel, Polly raced till she was 5, so a long racing career. I'd not let her suffer. Come the day we can't control the pain I will have to let her go. Hoping that won't be for a long time though. She's only on a low dose of the Rimadyl, so if needs be we can up the dose.

    In humans Aspirin can cause ulcers, but don't know about dogs. I think a fair few painkillers and anti-inflammatory tabs cause problems with liver is used for a long time.

  5. I'm gonna keep my paws crossed for better WARMER weather for you Polly.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  6. Poor Polly. I hope warm weather comes soon so Polly won't need drugs. :-)

  7. Freya, Thanks. Think we are all hoping for warmer weather.

    April, Thank you. She wasn't good this morning, so s short walk for her.

  8. So hard to see them in pain. Hope the meds help with that and she can enjoy a short walk now and then. They do enjoy those walk abouts.


  9. This looks exactly the same as what I'm seeing here in Florida this morning. 3 lazing in their beds after a little outside trip, and the other 2 are just being quiet in their beds. Sorry to hear about the arthritis problems, but you do what you must to keep Polly from being in pain. DD has 2 of the dogs receiving acupuncture treatments & some kind of radiant heat therapy. Her vet said it helps. And yes, we are hoping she will soon make a decision on Ossie, but the problem is: his vet says he is not in pain. However, he doesn't have any life quality and that is what is so sad. I think she is realizing that it would be kinder to say goodbye, but she loves him so. I think he's the favorite of all the dogs she's had, I know he is mine. Have a happy walkies. Hugs

  10. Sue, Polly loves the walks, especially if I go on the cliffs, or down the beach.

    MaryH, There's one thing Greyhounds are known for and that's sleeping:)

    My JR lost feeling in her back legs, but wasn't in pain. She suddenly lost the spark in her eyes and I knew it was time. Hope your daughter can make the decision. it's the hardest thing we have to do, but we love them and don't want them to suffer.

  11. Arthritis - the bane of those athletes! Hope the meds help and she feels better & better as the weather warms. {{{hugs}}}}

  12. Kat, Thank you and thanks for the hugs.


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