Saturday, 7 March 2015

The girls and I hope you are having a good week.

Weather has been changeable here.  One minute sunny and dry, the next dismal and raining, but always bitter cold.  Supposedly the temps are to rise, but doubt they'll last long.

The girls have their week planned out with early morning walks, sleeping, eating, sleeping, roaching, sleeping and more sleeping.  It sure is a hard life.

Honey trying to roach.

Still not got it.

The girls now have two rigid dog beds in my bedroom.  They aren't as big as the two in the living room.   I use single duvets with a tog of 13.5 folded twice in them and then a fleece blanket on top.

I have had bloggers from America asking where they can get these rigid beds. has them.  Just put in Rigid Dog Bed, or Marchioro Perla Dog Bed and you should see them.  They are really good, as they just need a wipe over with antibacterial wipe and then every now and then a wash with soapy water.  I find my girls much prefer them as they hold the bedding and they feel enclosed.

That's it from me and the girls.  Remember to hug your hound/s.


  1. She is a sweetheart! x

  2. I wonder if mine would like them. Though I would worry that Roxi would take to chewing on them...she's naughty, you know. Cold here too...nothing but snow.

  3. What a life! I hope you are having a good week too Sue.

  4. Laura, I agree, but I may be biased:)

    Trina, The rigid beds are very strong, so you'd have to have a real good chomper.

    April, We have had a good week thanks.

  5. LOL! how cute! So they have beds in two rooms now. That is sweet - Honey and Polly are so blessed to have an incredible mama who thinks of their every desire :-) Really sweet - and they are so lovely with their toys! Wishing all three of you a great week, too, Sue! xo

  6. I think I would like the rigid dog beds if I was not in a small motorhome. I would not be able to move if they were in here with us. In the meantime, the sofa works well for us!

  7. Donna, The girls sleep in my bedroom at night and i didn't want to have to lug the big beds from the living room.

    Thank you, we hope you also have a good week.

    Hazel, I'm sure if I had a sofa, the dog beds would remain unused:)

  8. It's a rough life for these two babies. Lucky to have such a sweet Mama.. We had a bed like that years ago when we had two Pekineese and a black cat and it was so cute, they all slept in it intertwined, and the kitty would wash their faces as they slept sometimes. Have a good day. Hoping for warmer weather here too.


  9. Sue, It sure is:) I had hoped my girls would curl up together in one bed, but that's not happened.

  10. These pups look very contented & lazy! I can see that they have you very well trained (not a big tends to happen, doesn't it?!) TFS the link to these beds. will have to tell another Grey Mommy about the product. Hugs. (oh yes, I wasn't sure what roaching meant! )

  11. MaryH, Oh yes, I am well trained:)

    Roaching is when they lay on their backs with their legs in the air.


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