Saturday, 14 March 2015

Well I can't believe yet another week is coming to a close.  The only good thing with the days flying by is we are getting ever closer to Spring and then hopefully a really long hot summer.

The girls and I have made it to the cliffs a few times and down to the beach, so the days are improving.  Days are definitely getting longer, with lighter mornings and evenings.

As you can see whatever the weather outside, my girls are happy.  Polly often lays half in and half out of the large bed.

Honey usually keeps everything in the bed.

Polly loves to roach.

Polly goes back to the vets on Monday to see how the Rimadyl is helping with her stiffness due to Arthritis in her elbows and shoulders.  She's definitely not as bad, but still some stiffness and occasionally a limp.  

Well we hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. they are so happy to have a safe, comfy home! Cute photos, Sue. I do hope your wish about the weather comes true -- for you -- but not too hot this summer for us, please. We are already up in the upper 80s - Spring has passed us by LOL hugs, de

  2. Please tell Polly, that she needs to be more elegant in her roaching, such as wearing her crown or holding a scepter or something like that! I hope that the vet visit is a lovely one with good reports from the doctor!

  3. Yay! Pictures of the girls. So glad Polly is better. Honey looks to be a happy girl. Have a great weekend.

  4. Donna, I agree about not wanting it too hot. Hope your weather cools slightly.

    Hazel, When it comes to roaching there isn't an elegant way to do it:)

    Arthritis isn't a good diagnosis, but as long as we can manage the pain for her that's what matters.

    April, Thanks you. Hope you get a good weekend as well.

  5. Good to see such comfy paws there Sue
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  6. Freya, They sure are comfy, as I know you are.

  7. So glad you & the girls are being able to get out for some nice walkies. That's good for the arthritis too. DD has 2 of her pups getting heat radiation therapy & also acupuncture, which they say helps the fellas. The oldie grey has decided he likes walking in the warm pool water too. Before he avoided the water. These gals look so totally chilled out and happy. TFS the pics too. Hugs & Pats all round to whomever is appropriate!!!

  8. MaryH, I have a sonic device (which is actually for my Arthritis), that I use on Polly. Not sure if it is helping, but Polly doesn't mind it. I'm not sure what either of my girls would think to a pool. I'd love it:)

    My girls thank you for the hugs and pats and send hugs back (((Mary))).

  9. Im glad the Polar Vortex is gone, but not sure if I'm ready for a long hot summer. We deal with wretched humidity here. The girls look quite happy in their beds. We have both our boys on Rimady, and it seems to help their old joints.

  10. gyeong, Well hot to me is around 26, which isn't high at all for a lot of places.

    Nice to know your two are doing well on Rimadyl. I am a little concerned that long term use can give problems and Polly is only 8, but then she needs something and I think all the meds cause problems.


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