Wednesday, 4 March 2015

WOYWW 4th March

Here is my WOYWW (What's On Your Workbench Wednesday).  If you want to know more about this weekly event, take a look at Julia's blog

Many congratulations to Julia on doing 300 WOYWW

Now this card has been received I can show it.  The 'D' which wouldn't photograph well is fabric and actually sent to me ages ago by the person who got the card:)

 I made this New Home card ready to give to the buyer of my dad's bungalow.  Not sold it yet, but a lot of interest.

I have just finished this crochet throw.  At times I did sit at my desk doing it whilst watching YouTube videos.

Happy WOYWW.


  1. i didn't know you crocheted! Great throw, iI love the colours you've used. I like just going around and around, it's mindless but very soothing. I can't wait to start another blanket. Hope your dad's bungalow sells very soon.
    Hugs x 300,
    LLJ 7 xxx

  2. lovely projects! i would love to crochet a throw but i get bored to easily well done you!
    thanks for sharing :)
    happy WOYWW
    Love Mrs.C.xx

  3. The colors and the pattern on your throw are gorgeous. I don't crochet, but I do admire the work of those that do. Happy 300th WOYWW! #51

  4. your crochet throw is OUTSTANDING, Miss Sue! I love the colors and design. Your cards are also very pretty! xo

  5. Very pretty cards! Happy WOYWW #300! Sandy Leigh #58

  6. What lovely makes, Sue! The throw colors are gorgeous! I love that you returned that "D" in the form of a beautiful card! Happy 300th WOYWW!! Hugs, Darnell #15

  7. Love the idea of a card to the person who buys your Dad's home! I remember making those afghans while watching TV, Not anymore, but I still have a few of them! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #71

  8. LLJ, I can only crochet throws and scraves:) Can't follow a pattern. I like to do it whilst watching TV.

    Mrs.C, Thank you.

    Arnolodo, Thank you.

    Donna, Thank you.

    Sandy, Thank you.

    Darnell, Thank you. The card was to my friend Di, so it was apt to use the D:)

    Lindart, As the bungalow is empty, I thought a card and maybe a box of chocs would make it more welcoming.

  9. Making a card for the bungalow purchaser is such a very good idea! Your crocheted throw is going to be so very cuddly and warm and soft!

  10. That throw is the mother of all granny squares. It looks great though. Pretty cards! Judy #74

  11. Hello Sue love your throw and colours you have chosen. Lovely cards as well. Happy WOYWW Anne x #38

  12. beautiful throw. love the colors. Thanks for sharing, drop by if you get a chance.

    Happy 300 WOYWW.
    Pat #83

  13. Wow - you've been a very busy crafter. Love the cards. And your throw would be great to keep away the cold here in Kentucky. April #67

  14. Hi Sue happy 300th WOYWW, I too am working on a 'D' card yours look lovely. Cheers RobynO#14

  15. Hazel, Thank you.

    Judy, Thank you.

    Anne, Thank you.

    Pat, Thank you.

    April, Thank you.

    Robyn, Thanks. Looking forward to seeing your 'D' card.

  16. I have two greyhounds and Fibromyalgia, also, among other things. I'll stop by often to hear what you write. I also crochet, I've made a lovely afghan in a granny square like above.

    1. Fizz, I went to your blog, but it says you've not posted since 2011???

  17. Fizz, Sounds like we have similar likes. Looking forward to visiting your blog. Sue

  18. Beautiful throw you've made there must be toasty warm :)
    HAPPY WOYWW 300 hugs Nikki 1

  19. What a lovely & thoughtful touch to add to your friend's card to add the lace D that she had sent to you earlier. Looks so pretty with the color scheme and florals on #1. Also like #2 and what a sweet welcome you'll be giving to the home's new owners. I'm sure they will appreciate it. DD does this with my cards, when she closes on a house for a buyer. They do appreciate the thoughtfulness. TFS & Hugs. Pats to the girls too.

  20. Nikki, Thank you.

    MaryH, Thank you. The girls say thanks as well.

  21. You've been a busy, busy girl. Both card are beauties. Sending wishes for a quick sale!

  22. Mary, Thank you.

    We are proceeding with a buyer, so keeping fingers crossed no one backs out.


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