Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Hope all my blogging friends are having a good week.  Ok it's only Tuesday, but that means we are closer to the weekend than we were yesterday:)

I have changed the music on here.  You now have three Eva Cassidy songs courtesy of YouTube.  They are Fields Of Gold, Songbird and In The Arms Of An Angel.  Hope you like them.

Should you not want to hear the music you can pause it (top left).  If you want it louder you can turn your own sound up, but also you can move the slider on the right hand side along further.  It's set at 50% by default.


  1. Love fields of gold - great choice!! :)
    Love to you and pats to the girls x

  2. Beautiful voice!

  3. Lovely songs sweets..and hope your week is super!! loves to you all Bev xxx

  4. That music and the sentiment in the picture are both wonderful. Thanks for sharing those sentiments. I think you're a bit of a poet, Sue.

  5. Laura, Thanks for the love and pats for the girls.

    Kat, She has got a beautiful voice.

    Bev, Thanks. Hope you do as well.

    Hazel, Glad you like the music. Not sure about being a poet:)

  6. This quote really speaks to me. I have tried hard to always make myself available to family and friends until I was made to realize (the hard way) that may actions were those of an abused person making excuses for others. I honestly did not know that is what was happening until several "small" incidents occurred. Thank goodness my husband was able to patiently accept me thru the changes. I think he is proud that I finally stood up to those who were taking extreme advantage of me. Thanks for the reminder. xo

  7. Donna, Sometimes we have to stand back and take stock. Life is too short to allow people to use you.


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