Sunday, 3 May 2015

My Girls

Well it is a very dismal and wet day here.  Even the wind has picked up, making it colder.  We were fooled into a false sense of summer to come with the recent sunny and warmer weather.  Now we are hoping this spell of dismal weather will improve and keep improving.

Thought I'd add the various photos I've taken of my girls.  Sorry if I have posted any before.  I forget which ones I have done.

Polly in one of the XXL dog beds in my living room.  I assure you it is huge, but for some reason Polly likes to hang out of it.

The girls in their PJ's.  I don't have heating on very high in my bedroom, so they still need them.  I also put a SnuggleSafe in each bed in my bedroom, so they are nice and cosy.

Polly wearing her best collar.  Terrible photo as Polly usually doesn't stand still.  It's a black collar with different coloured paw prints.

Honey with her best collar.  She didn't want to move from her bed for the photo.  Even the bribery of treats wouldn't get her to budge.

Honey asleep.

Polly roaching.

Well we hope you are having a nice weekend.

Now go and hug your dog/s.


  1. Oh, beautiful girls xxx
    Wishing the three of you a happy week

  2. They tickle me! Polly does the classic greyhound sleeping poses so well. Gwyn also loves to sleep with her head hanging off the bed. Hope your weather improves!

  3. Such pretty girls! Love their colorful colors. Hope the weather improves soon.

  4. Laura, Thank you.

    Kat, Nice to know Polly isn't alone in her antics:)

    Rained more or less all day here, with a couple of sunny spells when it was still raining.

    April, Thank you.

  5. LOL! Love that first photo with Polly hanging off her bed - it amazes me how your fur kids enjoy curling up so much! Our german shepherd stretches out and takes up so much room! LOL Hope your week is lovely, and that the cold rain soon dissipates. hugs, de

  6. Donna, Greyhounds can curl up to the size of a pillow, but then again when they stretch out they do take a fair bit of room.

    Thank you. Hope you have a good week as well.

  7. Doesn't matter how big the bed is, there is always room to hang off of it. It would take more than treats to budge me from bed when I am napping :)

  8. gyeong, You are right there:)


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