Wednesday, 20 May 2015

WOYWW 20th May

Here is my WOYWW (What's On Your Workbench Wednesday).  If you want to know more about this weekly event, take a look at Julia's blog

Well it may look busy, but nothing is happening here.  My mojo has gone on a break.  Hopefully it'll be back soon now I have these.

The crafting magazine has the free oriental clear stamps.

This caught my eye.  Says it's exclusive to Tesco, but they had another one that didn't.  This one has 21 designs and cost £5.99.  The others were smaller, but £3.99.  The next one of these is on issue 2nd June and is animals.  I'll be looking out for that. 

Happy WOYWW.


  1. i just got a flower one of these zen colouring books from smiths must make an extra trip to our horrible tescos to see if they have that one i really like the patterns on the front :) enjoy your therapy :)

    Happy Woyww! Have a great week :)
    Charlie.x #11
    or find me here

  2. Oh, you managed to get those free Oriental stamps...great! I bet you'll use those loads. Funnily enough, yours is about the third blog I've seen mention of those books from Tesco!! I think it's a great idea :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xxxx

  3. You get some great magazines there, love the zen one
    Bridget #2

  4. I have to say i do love a mag with a freebie! :)
    I will have to keep my eye out for the colouring mags, i have only found one but it didnt pull me in! Hope you have fun with yours! :) lea number 24

  5. Hope your purchase kickstarts your mojo! I keep meaning to pick up a couple of those mags for my besties birthday present - she loves colouring!! Have a great Wednesday, Happy WOYWW Cindy #25

  6. Amazing Zen colouring book.... Great collection of stamps with the magazine.
    sandra de @32

  7. There is not an awful lot going on on my desk either! I have some of those books and have coloured a couple of pages - they are fun - especially if your mojo has gone for a bit but you still want to do something :)

  8. That magazine looks lovely, what a great idea..must rifle our local tesco shelves...just right for my Mum! The sight of your tidy spot is good for my eyes I can tell you. I love the list on the phone....i wonder why...and Im super impressed that you've got that great big computer book to study...its enough to make me run away!

  9. I seem to remember books like that when I was a kid and they seem to have made a huge comeback as I've seen them in all the book stores, I'm sure they're very therapeutic.

  10. Hi Sue, Your MoJo must be off together someplace with mine! I've been trying to finish up some UFO's in the meantime, and that has helped. At least to clear out some mess! I'm always drooling over these fantastic freebies ya'll get with the magazines in the UK. If they are in the USA ones, I have missed those! The oriental one looks intriguing and the Zen looks like it is going to be great fun. Hopefully these will spark Mr. M. Pats to the girls. TFS (at least you have a clean desk while MJ is missing. My desk is still cluttered!)

  11. I hope your mojo comes back soon. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to create something. That seems to help me. :-)
    April #69

  12. Charlie, I think I am hooked on the Zen colouring, so will be buying more:) Hope you find some you like.

    LLJ, I was so lucky with the crafting mag, as it was the last one.

    Bridget, We are lucky, although surprised other countries don't have crafting mags with freebies.

    Lea, Hope you find a Zen book you like.

    Cindy, That's a fab idea to give one to your friend.

    Sandra De, Thank you. Sometimes there can be several with worthwhile freebies, but I try to stick to around one a month. Of course I will now be looking out for the Zen books as well.

    Soojay, I find it really relaxing.

    Julia, Hope you find your Tesco sells the Zen books. I like to be doing something whilst watching TV, so they are ideal.

    The list on the phone says, Bin, Phone, Books, Door and Curtain. It is to remind me to put my waste bin out of reach, as both girls will have a good rummage otherwise. Turn off the ringing on the phone., as it can make them anxious when I am not here. Any books/magazines on my spare chair to put them up out of reach, due to both girls being partial to shredding paper. Put the latch on the sliding door to the kitchen as Polly brings out all my dry recylcing and puts it in her bed. The curtain is so Honey doesn't knock my plants off the window sill. She doesn't mean to do it, but she looks out and then swipes them off with her nose. So far these counter measures have worked:)

    The Windows 7 for Dummies is because I'm having problems with my emails. Stupid Windows Live Mail won't acknowledge me as a known sender. I've tried pretty much everything to sort it, but might have to take it off and put it on again.

    Michelle G, I remember colouring books as a kid, but think these Zen ones are more complicated.

    MaryH, Goodness knows what mischief our Mojo's will get up to together:) LOL

    The girls thank you for the pats and send hugs back.

    April, I am having the day with my friend tomorrow and we will be crafting. that always gives my mojo a kick in the butt:)

  13. I hope inspiration strike syou soon!
    I'll have to make a note of the book for the next parent that pops over to the next town, we only have a sainsburys here.
    Thanks for visiting me

  14. Laura, Thanks.

    I would think most of the stores will have something like the Zen book. It seems to be very popular.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Sue you & the girls have a terrific weekend too. Just heard that Chuck the doxie has a bad sinus problem - Ossie seems to still be doing good (well, for him good is relative). Other 3 are fine. Thanks for the visit. I hope our MoJos wander back home! Hugs

  16. MaryH, Thank you.

    Hope Chuck is soon much better, glad the other three are fine and hope Ossie is not in pain.

    If I see your mojo I'll send it home:)

  17. Ooh, Zen coloring looks like relaxing fun.


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