Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Leash of Greyhounds

Apparently a group of Greyhounds is known as a Leash.

 Flora, Honey & Milo

Yesterday I, Polly and Honey went over to my friend Hilary, so my girls could meet her new Greyhound lad called Milo.  We also wanted to have a dry run of getting all four Greyhounds into the back of her car, as we are planning on going to The Great British Greyhound Walk, which this year is on Sunday 21st June.  Now other countries also hold a walk on the same day, so it's international now.  Just think of all the beautiful Greyhounds out on walks together....what a site.

Anyway, they all got on fine in the car.  It's a large car, so they could all lay down.  We drove a short way and stopped and walked them.  

Honey, Flora, with the big lad Milo

When we got back to Hilary's it was nice enough for the dogs to be outside in the garden and we sat outside enjoying a nice cold drink.

Flora, Honey & Milo

Hilary even managed to get me in one of her photos:)

Here's Flora with Polly.

I took these two short videos.  I haven't used the camcorder for ages and forgot that I need to turn round slowly, otherwise I make myself dizzy:)

Well we hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Now go and hug your hound/s.


  1. Was Polly being camera shy? And wow - you guys must have worn those poor dogs out - they look exhausted. :-) Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. April, There is one photo with her in, but she always seemed to move out of shot just as I took a photo. She's in the video.

    They'd all been for a walk and it doesn't take much for a Greyhound to flake out:)

    I did have a great weekend thanks.

  3. I had a 'Black Leash' too at my house. It's difficult most times to get all the pups in one shot.

  4. Easy to see these pups were enjoying some good comraderie. Such beautiful creatures. From my limited observation, it seems that most greys have excellent dispositions and are ready to be friends. DD's newest, Ogee, is very dark - he doesn't have any of the white these beauties do. And he shines like he's been oiled. So glad all of you had a grand time. TFS & Have fun on the Walk.

  5. genji, We did have all four in a row but by the time I got my camera sorted we were reduced to one:)

    MaryH, Greyhounds do love being with their own kind. It's rare for a Greyhound not to like another Greyhound. There is one in the village that doesn't like any other dogs including Greyhounds and I had a chap down the beach once who said his Greyhound didn't like any other dogs.

  6. Great pics and fun videos. Looks like you tired them out with the walk. Probably yourself too, hee hee.


  7. Sue, They were worn out. Actually I was ok, although when we got home I had a quick nap:)

  8. Yay for all those pretty black girls! I bet Milo never stopped smiling :)

  9. Greyhounds CAN Sit, Actually I think he was a little over whelmed, as Honey was a right hussy as she kept backing up to him:)


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