Saturday, 27 June 2015

Great British Greyhound Walk

After a thunderstorm (first storm since having Honey and she is frightened of thunder:() last Saturday evening that put the power out and the torrential rain had the roads looking like rivers, last Sundays big Greyhound walk was definitely in danger of being washed out.

The Great British Greyhound Walk started 2010.  Groups met all over the country on the same day.  In 2014 it went global and this year 52 other countries had walks.  Total hounds taking part (numbers not final yet) 249  and for the UK 3,651.  Isn't that amazing?:)

 Here's a photo someone took and posted on Facebook of my Honey.

Another one someone took

I went over to my friends and we got the dogs (my two girls and her girl and boy Greyhounds) into her car and off we went.  We very quickly had torrential rain, but got through it and things looked promising.

Got to Brandon Country Park just over the border into Suffolk in plenty of time.  Several cars already there and people with Greyhounds milling about, told us we had found the right place.  Neither I or Hilary had been before.

Well in the end we had 88 dogs.  A magnificent site.  Everyone was friendly and the walk was lovely.  By the time we got back to the car park that was for those doing the walk, which had it's own picnic area the sun was out.

I was concerned how Polly would be, as she is frightened of other dogs until she gets to know them (this is because she was attacked (luckily all noise) by a Staffie that was off lead soon after I had her).  To start with she just stood looking away from the dogs, but once we started the walk she seemed to love it.  Both her and Honey said hello to several dogs as we walked.  The walk was just over an hour, which for Polly was enough.  There was a shorter walk, but Polly was ok.  Think next year she'll need the shorter walk.

After giving the dogs water back at the car, we took our picnic over to the grass area and nabbed a picnic table.  Polly was happy to lay down straight away.  Honey layed down eventually, but Hilary's two decided they would stand.  Someone took this photo of us.

Hilary and I both won raffles prizes.  I actually won twice, so I got some dog treats first and then took a chocolate orange.  Well it would have been rude to leave it:)

We got back to Hilary's and the dogs flaked out, as did Hilary and I:)  I recharged my batteries enough to get the girls in my car and we came home.  All three of us fell asleep for over an hour.

This is me with my two (Polly in the red harness and Honey in the Blue) and I've got Hilary's two as well.
GBGW Brandon Country Park, suffolk 21st June, 2015.jpg

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. looks like the 6 of you enjoyed a wonderful day, even in the rain! Thanks for sharing the great photos, Sue! hugs, de

  2. Beautiful girls! I love seeing photos of them x

  3. I am glad to hear the walk was such a success. Your girls are so pretty. I'm glad you guys had a great time.

  4. Poor Honey, I can sympathesize with her dislike of thunder. Many poochies don't like storms and get very nervous. Our dog (a cocker who made it 16 yrs before going to the Bridge) had to be sedated on our 4th of July - he would go berserk at the fireworks, even if we held him & cuddled. Your girls are so beautiful...their coats just glisten. I'm glad all of you got some exercise, sunshine and had fun with the Walk. And then had a good well deserved rest. TFS & Have a great week.

  5. MaryH, Thank you. Black Greyhounds usually do have a shiny coat. It will dull a bit when they get their winter coat, but then shine up again when they shed that.

    Luckily Honey is just anxious, so hopefully she won't find our fireworks night in November too much. I'll have to turn the TV up and let her go hide somewhere if she wants.

  6. Sue, looks like fun! Glad you got to take your babies and join in. Didn't they look regal in their harnesses! Our pup is so afraid of thunder and lightening, and there is no consoling her when it comes, especially in the night! Had her from a baby, so wasn't anything that happened to her, she just came wired that way. Glad you had this experience with your dogs.


  7. Sue, Thank you. We all had a fab time.

    It's so sad when they are frightened of something and you feel helpless.

  8. I am so envious! We'd love to have a walk here, but getting other people out to participate is really tough for some reason. It looks like you all had a really lovely time! It's great seeing Polly and Honey out and about!

  9. houndstooth, There were a few walks here where only a handful of dogs went. I think there was one with only three.

    Sadly Polly's Arthritis is affecting her now. She wants to go on the walks, but pays for it with pain.

    Hope you have a lovely day.

  10. How did I miss out on this global walk? Always great to get a picture with the pups. I have lots of pics of the pups, but very few of me with them.


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