Friday, 3 July 2015

Happy 4th July

Happy Independence Day to all my blogging friends across the pond.


  1. April, You are welcome.

  2. Thanks Sue, appreciate you thinking of us Yanks. Love the cute little pics too. This is the first year since I've been making cards, that I did no July 4th cards. Just no time. Hoping to generate one this evening, and post tomorrow. Hope your weekend will be just fine, and big pats to the Girls.

  3. Why thank you! I hope you have a lovely weekend with the girls!

  4. MaryH, You are welcome.

    My girls say thanks for the pats.

    houndstooth, You are welcome. Thank you.

  5. Thanks Sue, was nice weather, good picnic food, good to see friends. Unfortunately, our poor pup is so afraid of the fireworks, and the neighborhood was noisy until midnight, but once they stopped she was so exhausted she went straight to sleep for the night.

  6. Sue, Glad you enjoyed your 4th of July.

    Your poor pup. Glad as soon as the fireworks stopped she got to sleep.


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