Saturday, 18 July 2015

Pretzel Dogs

Well we have had a few days with showers, but even so the temps have been in the 20s.  Main trouble is the humidity.  Every time it rains, it just makes it worse.

After their early morning walk, my girls decide it's best to chill out near the fans and get some beauty sleep.

Honey (on the left in blue collar).  Surely that can't be comfortable???

Although her eyes were open, Polly (red collar) was asleep.

The girls and I hope you are having a good weekend.

You take care and remember to hug your hound/s.


  1. The Pretzel Girls are sweet as ever, Sue! Glad a spot of rain visited you... xo

  2. Donna, Thank you:) The gardens need the rain, but I'#d rather it rained in the night and was dry in the day.

  3. Honey is a pretzel dog for sure!! I wonder how they get in to those positions!

  4. Trina, You'd think she'd get up with a crook in her neck:)

  5. I love it when they roach, but Pretzel Roach is even better.

  6. Smart girls to know when to chill out. They can get into some very awkward looking positions, can they not? Guess they must be totally relaxed & comfy, else would move! LOL. TFS & Have a good week.

  7. Those girls look very comfy. No better way to spend the weekend than lying around napping.

  8. genji, I have to agree:)

    MaryH, I think ex-racers are so use to grabbing sleep wherever they can, they are use to strange positions. Hope you have a good week as well.

    April, Well my girls don't just lay around napping at the weekend, it's every day of the week:)

  9. Those hounds sure can sleep in funny poses! Gwyn almost invariably likes to hang her head off whatever bed she's on...even caught her doing it in her crate the other day!

    By the way, the bird in my latest horse pix was an ibis. They're prolific around here and quite entertaining.

  10. Kat, It makes for some good photos:)

    I thought it was. Striking bird.

  11. I'm with the girls, the heat makes me tired too. Humidity just stinks. By the time I did the dusting and vacuuming this morning I was soaked through and my hair was wet! That's our lot for the entire week here.


  12. Sue, Yes, it's the humidity that does me in. I find it's ,my hair that get's wet first. Looks like someone has thrown a bucket of water over it. That's why I have it very short as soon as the times start to rise in the Spring. I keep it short right through usually till late Autumn. Hope you enjoy the week.


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