Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pups at the Pub

Last Saturday (28th June) the girls and I went to an event called Pups at the Pub.  I left home just after 10.30am.  We got home just after 6.30pm, so a long day out for us.  

  When we got there dead on 11am the RGT (Retired Greyhound Trust) people hadn’t arrived and neither had my friend.  As I was getting the girls out of the car my friend arrived.  It was already hot and sunny, but luckily there was a cooling breeze.  We had a quick wonder and then found a shady spot under a tree.  When the RGT people turned up they obviously had enough helpers, so my friend and I seemed to be the ones hanging on to everyone’s dogsSmiley Happy  Luckily they all got on.  They set up a tent type thingy, but there wasn’t enough room for us and our dogs, but as it had turned hazy we sat at a picnic table right next to them.  Then the sun came out and it was too hot, so we moved back to our shady spot under the tree.  We had various people come up to fuss our dogs, which was nice.  Polly got a bit anxious when other breeds started to show up, but the more that came the less she seemed bothered.  Think she was overloaded really.  We decided a bit before 1pm to go back to my friends and then go back to the event for 3pm, so my friend could enter her Pointer into the Best Rescue Class.  

Once back at my friends the dogs all chilled out laying in the garden.  We sat in the garden and had the lunch we had packed up and we enjoyed a very cooling ginger beer.  We decided to leave her two Greys and Polly at hers and just go back with Sofia (the Pointer) and Honey. 

 When we got back there were a lot more people and a lot more dogs, but Honey didn’t mind that and I think she thought the people were all there to fuss her, which a fair few didSmiley Happy

 My friends Pointer Sofia got 1st in the Best Rescued Dog class and came 3rd in Best in Show.  

Sofia was rescued from Spain (her collar is the Spanish flag) and she's named after the previous Queen of Spain.  She is extremely timid.  My friend has done wonders with her and to get her round the event was a huge step forward.

When I got home I gave the girls their dinner, which was late for them, but they ate it all up and then slept the evening away.  I turned in soon after 10pm and had a good nights sleep:)

We hope you are having a lovely day.  Remember to hug your hound/s.


  1. Sofia has a lovely face, but really, Polly should have won first place! :D

  2. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Congrats to your friend's dog. :-)

  3. Laura, Sofia is a a lovely dog. Considering her awful start in life, she is slowly emerging from the dark and realising what a lovely life she has with Hilary.

    I had left Polly back at Hilary's with her two Greyhounds, as it was all too hot and too much for her.

    April, We did, although it would have been better had it been a bit cooler.

  4. Had to smile at the whimsical title of this post - so cute. Some lovely girls to be sure, and Sofia is so pretty with her patriotic collar. Glad that your girls had a good time, and I think most greys, if given a chance to get to know you, seem to enjoy a bit of attention. It's always good to have a lady be a bit reserved, just at first. And who knows what these girls have seen before coming into their new lives, so to me, they've done extremely well. So glad you had a lovely time & that the doggies did as well. TFS & Hugs

  5. MaryH, That is what they called the event:)

    Polly is anxious around dogs she doesn't know, as she was attacked (all noise) by a Staffie that was off lead. (It was friendly at first and then just flipped. Since then she barks at other dogs and expects them to attack her.

  6. Sounds like a great day for dogs and their owners. Glad you had the chance to go with your girls.


  7. It sounds like a lot of fun! Our girls think everyone is there to pet them, too! They're a bit put out when people don't! lol

  8. Sue, It is nice to go to doggy events.

    houndstooth, Honey will look longingly after a person if they don't say hello to her. Then she'll look at me as if to say 'well, how rude':)

  9. what a fun time! wish we had something like that here! xo

  10. Donna, It was a fab day and most importantly the dogs enjoyed it.


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