Sunday, 12 July 2015

Well despite having some very hot (into the 30s) temps here, we have had the temps dropping by 5 - 7 degrees from one day to the next, which takes a bit of adjusting to.  Also we have had some thunderstorms with very heavy downpours. 

This photo doesn't show just how bad the rain was.  It was bouncing up off the ground.  The gutters couldn't cope and very quickly the road had water running down it.

My girls have the perfect solution for weather like this.  They stay close to the fans and get some beauty sleep.

Here's Honey with a new stuffie.  It's Winnie The Pooh.  Both girls like him.

Honey in the bed with Rudi the Reindeer.

 Honey using Winnie as a pillow.

Someone has pinched Winnie.  I wonder where he is?

Polly hiding Winnie.  He's actually between her and the side of the dog bed.

Well we hope you have a lovely day.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. I don't like the super hot weather either. We've had a few days of 'comfortable' but otherwise it has been hot (upper 30s!).

  2. I could only wish we had some rain here in the Pacific Northwest, Just hot and dry. The girls certainly do appear to be enjoying their time indoors.

    Hugs diane

  3. Your girls don't dismember the stuffies? Mine do. They eyes are the first thing to go. Then they dig out the stuffing. LOL We have lots of carcasses lying around. Enjoy the relief from the heat. :-)

  4. Trina, Hope you have more of the 'comfortable' days.

    Diane, One thing Greyhounds love is to sleep and lay about:) Hope you get some rain.

    April, If a hole appears in a stuffie they will pull the stuffing out. If I notice a hole, I sew it up. When it get's old it gets thrown and new stuffie appears, which they love.

  5. Sue, enjoyed the picture shared of your 'rainscape'. So glad you didn't get flooding with all the downpour. We can sometimes get what we call 'gullywashers' in our area, but haven't lately. The rains we've had have been the good-for-the-ground kind...and there's lots of green around us. Frequently just makes the air muggy afterwards - though. Your girls have the right idea. Had to laugh about the pinching. These kids sometimes act just like the human kind, don't they? What one has, the other one wants! Take care, and have a good week. Hugs.

  6. Your weather sounds just like ours this past week. Who doesn't love Winnie the pooh! Can't blame Polly!


  7. MaryH, Gullywashers, that's a perfect term for the torrential rain we had.

    The Winnie the Pooh toy has been a real hit. i will have to look out for another one, or maybe Tigger this time:)

    Sue, Dismal here this morning, with a mist in the air. Temps not bad though.

    My brother and I have walked around Ashdown Forest, which is where AA Milne got some of the ideas for the book. My brother and I played pooh sticks on the bridge.


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