Friday, 28 August 2015

Beauty Sleep

Firstly,  sorry there isn't any music at the moment.  Despite downloading tracks to Wikiplayer, there's no sound.  Hope to sort it soon.


Well we have been having a mixture of sunshine and wet weather.  Also temps have been going up and down from the low 20s to the high 20s.  Today has started sunny, but we have a cold wind.  Took the girls to the seafront and walked along the dunes.  No bunnies, so Honey was disappointed.

We saw a few dogs and as normal Polly had to bark at them, to let them now she is such a vicious dog they'd best leave her alone.  So wish I could get her out of this, but the off lead dog attacking her made her like this.  If I stand and talk to the person, she stops barking and just stands keeping an eye on the other dog.  We met a lady this morning with a small Staffie type that didn't react at all to Polly.  After only a few seconds Polly stopped barking and the lady wanted to know why she has yellow ribbons on her harness.  I explained it meant this dog needs space and why Polly was like it.  She was very understanding.  

After their morning walk my girls do what Greyhounds do and went back to bed.

Finally synchronised roaching.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. :::::::::::Hugs::::::::::: to you and the hounds! Love all the pix, but especially the synchronised roaching!!!

  2. Donna, Thank you.

    Kat, Thanks for the hugs,. My girls and I never turn one down:)

  3. Didn't know that about the yellow ribbons on a dog. Good to know. It sounds as though Polly is gradually coming to grips with the trauma, and perhaps one day, she will feel more at ease and the barking will stop. Easy to see these girls were relaxed after their walkies, and yes, this is what Greys do best (and lots of it...unless they hear the refrigerator or cupboard door open). TFS & have a great wkend, Hope your weather gets nice. Sunny here, and warming up after a nice cool, overcast morning.

  4. MaryH, You can buy leads and collars in various colours and the relevant wording. Yellow is Needs Space. The other colours are red, green, orange and not sure what else.

    I hads hoped getting Honey would give Polly confidence, but if anything Hon4ey at times joins in, which just makes Polly even more manic.

    You are so right about fridge or cupboards being opened:)

  5. 10 out of 10 for the synchro roaching - Gold medal winning performance!! :)

  6. Laura, I think your scoring is very generous, as they don't quite have the technique right:) LOL

  7. I just love seeing the girls. We have pumpkin who would probably need a red collar. She has a habit of being very over protective. We found her abandoned under a garbage can. She has greatly improved but we still have to watch her.

    Have a great weekend. April

  8. April, It is difficult when you can't let other dogs get close, as you then have no way to rehabilitate your dog. I alternate between a pet correct spray and a sonic device. If I use one for too long, both my girls ignore it, so that's why I swap over. They've been useful for use on off lead dogs who are coming to close as well.

  9. Roxi and I are taking a 'STreet Manners" Class for leash reactivity. It has helped and they've given me some good techniques. But it takes time. Love the double roach!

  10. Trina, Well done on taking the class with Roxi. I have had a lot of advice and some things have helped, but mostly when Polly get's into such a state, that's it.

  11. Our pup loves her walks too. And she also sleeps when she comes home......maybe we should take a hint from our pets! ha ha


  12. Sue, When I get up, I say to myself once you've walked the girls you can go back to bed, but it never happens:)


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