Saturday, 1 August 2015

Yesterday (Friday 31st July) I went to a Flower Festival at the church where my mum and dad were married in 1950.  It's a beautiful old church with lovely stained glass windows.  The best of which is the one at the back of the alter.  Sadly my photo doesn't do it justice, as it is stunning.

First my friend and I walked round the stalls and tents where people were selling various things.  No rain was forecast, but we thought it best to do the outside things first.  We then stopped at the refreshment tent for coffees.

The flower arrangements this year were based on books that had been made into films.  I couldn't take photos of all of the arrangements, as my camera batteries were running down.  I had charged them up overnight, but think they have got to the point where they won't hold the charge for long now.  I can't remember what all the arrangements were based on, but have included them as they are lovely arrangements.

As you went into the church they had this arrangement round the door.  It is the Yellow Brick Road from The Wizard Of Oz.

Treasure Ireland (You can't see them in this photo, but there were gold coins and jewellery)

The Railways Children.

Pillow Talk.

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

Snow White.

Mary Poppins.

Top Hat

Dr. Zhivago.

Breakfast At Tiffanys.

White Christmas.

Gone With The Wind.

My Fair Lady.

This one was in the entrance and was The Emerald City.

I think I only got photos of half the arrangements.  When you first walked into the church the scent was lovely.  

We headed back to the refreshment tent for coffee and a lovely fruit scone.  It was so nice sitting out that we ended up having another drink, chatting and watching the world go by.

Hope you have a lovely day. 


  1. What beautiful arrangements! Glad you got to have a lovely outing.

  2. Kat, The photos don't do them justice.

  3. Stunning! I think I'd have to wear goggles though, as my hayfever would go bonkers! I have a big love for stained glass too. Such a gorgeous piece of art.

  4. One of the things I enjoy most about the British shows I watch, is seeing all the old churches. This stained glass window is breath-taking, and lucky you - to be able to enjoy IRL. The floral arrangements are just splendid, and your coffee & scones sounded delicious. This is the kind of outing I would thoroughly enjoy, so TFS it with us! Have a great weekend.

  5. What lovely arrangements! I just love sunflowers. Don't know why - just do. And I am so enjoying 'Hang Massive'. So soothing. Glad you had a lovely time. Thank you for sharing the pictures. :-)

  6. Thanks for sharing photos of your special day!

  7. Laura, You certainly would have been sneezing.

    MaryH, Thank you. Yes we are lucky to have so many old churches.

    April, Sunflowers make me smile:)

    Glad you are enjoying the music.

    Donna, You are welcome.

  8. Hi Sue, what a fabulous stained glass window - those people are true artists...not says floral arrangers aren't artists too....these display are beautiful...I can't even make a couple of stems look lovely in a vase. You would've had a wonderful browse there. Enjoy your week Robyn

  9. Awesome pictures Sue! One arrangement is prettier than the next. The Church window is absolutely gorgeous. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out with a friend, thanks for sharing with us.


  10. Gorgeous pics Sue, all the flower displays look fantastic and so does the stained glass window !!! So glad you enjoyed the day :)

  11. Robyn, Thank you.

    Sue, Thank you. Yes I did have a lovely time.

    Di, Thank you.


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