Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Some how I have managed to delete all the dog blogs I am following.  

will try and remember all of them, but if I don't visit you for a bit it's because I haven't got you back yet.  Hoping I can pick you all up by going through the comments.

If you are reading this and know I am a follower of your blog, please drop me a comment and then I can get my list back up.



  1. Good luck at finding your deleted blogs, Sue. I cleaned out a bunch of favorites of places where the folks no longer have an active blog, or haven't posted for long times..then hoped I had not deleted someone inadvertently that I DO want to visit. Hugs & pats to the girls.

  2. MaryH, That's what I was doing. I've remembered a few, but there definitely more.

    The girls say thanks for the hugs.


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