Monday, 30 November 2015

What Size Bed?

 I am sure this is a universal dilemma.  What size bed do I get for my dog?  

I decided to get the two beds for my living room plenty big enough, so my girls can stretch out as they please.  

As you can see from the first photo, when they curl right up the bed is huge, but when they decide to sleep at some weird angle, as in the second and third photos, they don't look big enough.

The two beds in my bedroom are a bit smaller, as they usually curl up at night.  If it's a hot night, they will lay out on the floor.

The beds I have are rigid ones.  After trying all sorts, I found these.  So easy to keep clean and no trying to get them in the washing machine, having to get them back into shape and getting them dry.

Well we hope you are all having a nice day.  Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. hahaha! We recently purchased a huge padded bed for our German Shepherd. No matter how hard we tried, we could not get him in it. So we passed to to a friend. Immediately, both her dogs were enjoying it together, sleeping all cuddled up together. Guess some puppies are born to sprawl on the rugs rather than a dedicated bed LOL Your girls are so sweet, Sue! hugs, de

  2. You can tell that your pups feel safe and loved, to expose their bellies like that and be so relaxed. No bed for our girl, we have a memory foam mattress type in our living room and she gets on it to chew an antler or bone, but that's it. Her breed is always warm, so she is always looking for a bare floor where it is cooler. Have a great day, Sue.


  3. Donna, Glad your friends dogs liked the bed. Some dogs like the rigid beds, as it's their own little safe area.

    Sue, Blimey even my bed isn't memory foam:) LOL

    My friend has a large male Greyhound and he likes to lay on the kitchen floor.

  4. My dogs sleep in bed with me at night and sit in their chairs when in the living room. I think I am owned by my dogs! LOL. I love seeing the girls all stretched out. They look so comfy. Have a great start to the week.

  5. Such darling photos of your girls, Sue! Our big labs used to sprawl out on their backs with their legs out and take up half the family room rug, so I can relate. We don't have them any longer, sadly; they would have loved these awesome beds!! Enjoy your day!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. April, Polly use to sleep on my bed, but Honey gets possessive of it, so they can't come up. Neither of them has tried to get onto my chairs. If I had a sofa, no doubt they would claim that:)

    Darnell, Greyhounds are known for roaching (on their backs with their legs in the air). I much prefer my girls being in their beds, as sprawled out they take up most of the floor space and you are forever trying to get over them without standing on them.

  7. We have 102cm beds throughout the house, in every room. But a couple of them prefer to sleep with us at night, so we have a King and Queen bed pushed together to have enough space for us all. Even then, I seem to only get a sliver.

  8. genji, I have a small double and if my girls cooperated and curled up, they could both get on it with me. I wouldn't have room for a King size, let alone a king size and a queen.

    When Polly use to come up, I like you seemed to end up with a sliver that had me hanging onto the edge:)


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