Saturday, 7 November 2015

Who's Sleeping in My Bed?

Last week the girls and I had a visit from Sofia and her mum.

We took the girls down to the beach and had a nice walk.  Then when we got back here Sofia made a beeline for one of my girls beds.  Had she been here longer I think she would have fallen asleep.

Sofia was rescued in Spain and then my friend got her.  When she arrived she was completely shut down.  Visiting me was the first home she's been in beside her own.  My friend has done wonders with her.  She's still anxious, but getting to try new things now.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.  Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Lovely of your girls to share with Sofia.
    Give them both a hug from me x

  2. Laura, They didn't have much say about, as Sofias just went straight in and stayed there till she left:) I did wonder if one of my girls got in the same bed whether they'd happily snuggle up together.

    The girls says thanks for the hugs.

  3. Beautiful girls! So glad you were able to enjoy a nice walkies with a new (if timid) friend. How blessed is Sofia to have found a home where she can be loved and hopefully, get back to being the 'doggie' she should be, not scared & mistreated. How shameful that people do such things - but happens. Also to kiddies. She's a beautiful girl, looks like she would be very loving to someone who can teach her to not be afraid. I'm glad your girls made her feel welcome too! (our dogs might not have liked somebody snitching their bed. Sometimes they can get a bit jealous...usually not though. I just noticed them playing a little more roughly than before on our last visit. They seem to have gotten more vocal, after years of never knowing they were in the house! And definitely these critters are spoiled & loved. ) TFS & Hugs

  4. MaryH, I'm sure it's in the contract that we have to spoil our fur babies:) LOL

  5. Sofia is very cute. So happy your friend took her in and worked with her! And yeah for sharing (even if it may not have been their idea ;-) )

  6. Trina, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment.

  7. Hi Sue! I am Dee from April's blog and want to say thank you for your sweet comments on our cards. However, I'm writing this now to say thank you for your kindness to doggies. I love and want a dog but the hubby is a cat person. Yes, i make the cat cards and think of you and have been looking for dog stamps, etc. just to make a card for you. I did get in a Art Impressions Best Friend with a man and dog a while back.
    Again I mainly wanted to say thank you and bless you for your love of dogs and to your friends as well. Give those sweet fur babies a big hug for me.
    Take care and Happy Holidays!
    Dee B

  8. Hi Dee, Thank you for finding my blog. Your cards on April's blog are always lovely.

    Some dogs, even Greyhounds will live happily with a cat, so maybe you could get round your hubby. My dogs reward me every day with their unconditional love.

    How nice of you to want to make a dog card for me. Don't worry about it. The postage to here is ridiculous.

    Hope you also have a happy holiday season.


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