Monday, 8 February 2016

Happy Birthday Honey

It's Honey's 5th Birthday today.  

She's had some extra treats and loads of hugs from me and Polly.

Took these photos this morning.  In the one below she looks like the excitement is all too much.

She has the little blanket over her, as the room hasn't warmed up yet.


  1. I just love that pretty face. Happy birthday Honey. You are one lucky girl to have Sue for a mom. Have a great day

  2. April, Thank you. I think she agrees:)

  3. Happy Birthday, Honey! I agree, she was lucky to be being taken care of by Sue and loved and cherished everyday, not just her birthday!!


  4. Happy Birthday, Honey. Love the cute photo. Her eyes look like she's been partying! It's so great that you can catch her in such an adorable pose. Ours see a camera and won't stand still. Have a good (and hopefully dry) week. TFS

  5. Happy Birthday, Honey! Enjoy those extra treats!

  6. Sue, Thank you. that's nice of you to say.

    MaryH, My girls usually move just as the camera clicks.

    Donna, She will:)


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