Saturday, 26 March 2016

An Adventure With Friends

The girls and I, along with my friend Hilary and her two Greyhounds and Pointer went to a nature reserve last week.  The weather was perfect, the ground being sandy wasn't too wet after recent rain and all of us enjoyed the walk.  It's roughly half way between me and Hilary and only took about 15 minutes to reach.  We'd not been before, but we will definitely go again.

We saw a Muntjac deer, although the dogs weren't sure if it was a dog as they are small.

Before getting back in the cars, Hilary took this photo.  I was very glad the dogs didn't see a deer or rabbit:)

We hope you enjoy the weekend.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. You had a handful there! What a cute little deer. What a wonderful place to have to walk your dogs.

    Have a wonderful day. April

  2. April, The Muntjac are around the size of a medium dog like a Labrador. they are chunky, but not tall.

  3. What a sweet little deer, good thing they didn't see the deer, or you would have been being dragged along by them. Nice picture.


  4. Sue, It's surprising how strong the Greyhounds are and add to that the Pointer and I wouldn't have stood a chance:)


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