Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Birthday Girl (1st March)

On this day in 2007 a lovely little black Greyhound was born.  She grew up, raced and then retired.  She came to me on 15th September, 2012.

Her life now is all about being spoilt.  She sleeps on average 16 hours a day, like most Greyhounds.  She likes her walks, although the Arthritis sometimes means she can't go as far as she'd like.  She still loves to play with the stuffies and even has the odd zoomies round my little flat.

She was reluctant to get out of her warm bed for our early morning walk. 

Then she found the celebrations all rather tiring, so she did this.

Then Honey joined in.

Despite her Arthritis, she is doing well.  Hopefully she'll have many more Birthdays with me and Honey.


  1. Happy birthday lovely girl - lots of pats and hugs to you (and perhaps an extra biscuit too!)

  2. Laura, Biscuits:)

  3. Happy birthday, Sweetie! She knew what she was doing when she adopted you, Sue. Hugs, de

  4. Ahhh - Happy Birthday Polly. You are a pretty girl. :-)

  5. Donna, Thanks. I definitely got the better end of the deal.

    April, Thank you. I agree, but I may be biased:)


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