Sunday, 27 March 2016

Not How I Expected My Easter Sunday To Go

Best laid plans and all that.....My Easter Sunday was supposed to  me going to my friends for lunch and probably spending most of the the rest of the day there.

Well that didn't happen, as 20 minutes before we were due to leave (my girls were going with me), Honey split the end of her tail.  She is a Wagger and has done this twice before, but never this bad.  No room escaped the splatters of blood.  Seriously how did she even get some in the kitchen, when she didn't go in there???

It took me two and a half hours to clean it all up and I know I will keep finding spots I have missed probably for weeks.

My friend said, give it a couple of hours and if it hasn't bled come on over with the girls.  I explained that if it opened up at hers she wouldn't thank me, but she insisted.  So I had a shower, washed my hair and came into the living room to ring her to say I was about to leave.  Honey got out of her bed and wagged her tail.  In slow motion I saw it hit the table and there she blows.....blood splattered all over the place.

Second clean up of the day done, I phoned my friend and said it just wasn't meant to be today.  Hope to go over Thursday.

All was fine until I put the girls leads on to go outside for their toilet break before they had dinner.  You guessed it, whack goes that tail and bloods splatters on top of blood splatters.

If only she wouldn't wag it.  For a few seconds I have to confess to wondering if I could taped her tail loosely to her back leg.....but no I couldn't do that.  i have since seen this mentioned on the Greyhound Data Base and also on YouTube.

Phoned my friend Hilary, who has had loads of dogs and Greyhounds in particular.  First thing she mentioned was the hair roller, but I don't have any.  Went on to YouTube and saw a video on how to bandage a tail.  Read on the Greyhound Database how to put something over the end to protect it.  Smarties container was mentioned, so they are on my list:)  

Not having anything just right, I found some stiff card and made a tubbe.  Put some Aloe Vera Gel on the end of the tail and then slipped the tube over it.  Fixed it in place with a bit of Vet Wrap coming up over the end, but leaving a small gap for air to get in, and then Vet Wrap round that and up just over where the rube ended and then fixed it to itself.  

Ok I am no vet, but I was pleased with the end result.

That was twenty minutes ago and it's not dropped off.  Mind you Honey has remained in her bed.  I did hold her tail up and it stayed in place, so we will just have to see.  She wasn't even bothered when I was doing it.

For any of you who wouldn't believe the amount of blood, there are photos to follow and they really don't show just how bad it was.  What I found best for getting it off the walls in particular was Ace.  I have this product to get stains out of my laundry.  A bit of that in the water and a cloth did the trick.

So that has been my Easter Sunday.  Hope you have had a much better one.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. 😮😮😮OMG Sue , what a day you've had 😟 You did a pretty good job with wrapping Honeys tail, first thing I thought of was an empty toilet roll.

    Hope you can get together with Julie another day soon.

  2. Well after I wish you Happy Easter, I will say "Oh dear, oh dear". Think this has happened to one of the grandgreys (believe she broke hers). Poor babies, and poor you to have to do the cleanup. Not once, but twice. Looks like you had a good idea with the bandaging, and hope these girls will leave it alone until healing can take place, and not 'worry it off'. Those tails can do some damage, for sure. You'd think it would hurt when this happens, and then they'd remember and not be so 'waggy', but doesn't! Best wishes for a speedy & uneventful healing. You just have to say, Something wanted you to stay home with the girls today, and not be out on the roads! Big hugs, and gentle pats where needed. TFS

  3. Di, Unfortunately the minute Honey wagged her tail the bandage flew off. I managed to re-do it and it was on when we went to bed, but missing when we got up. So far no more bleeding, which is a blessing.

    MaryH, A toilet roll inner tube would be too big. The best thing is a small hair curler or a Smartie tube. With being a crafter I have plenty of card suitable to make a tube.

  4. Wow. What fun. Have you considered some sort of foamy something wrapped around her tail so it it hits something it is protected. Bubble wrap! LOL. Have a great day and hopefully no more blood splatter.

  5. Oh my,never heard of this happening and my niece had two grey hounds. What a mess for you and several times too. What we don't do for our fur babies. Hope the tail split heals up quickly.


  6. April, Not sure having something on all the time would work, as it's hard to keep anything on the tail. I have got and will get various things in case it happens again. Sadly Happy Tail Greyhounds often have to have some of the tail off, which in turn limits the chance of it happening again.

    Sue, Neither song or Polly have ever done it. Honey just has the Happy Tail syndrome:)


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